4-6-20 Monday

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Is she GORGEOUS, or is she GORGEOUS? She’s GORGEOUS (and she knows it!)

Alejandro is a big fan of feathers.

Diego and Pablo, trying to look innocent.

They continue to love that scratcher (you can see Diego’s butt here, going through the tunnel.) It’s a tighter squeeze than it used to be, though. I’m honestly surprised they still fit.

This Alejandro pie looks like trouble.

Pablo looks so tiny here.

And so amazed here!

The milk bar is CLOSED (for now).

Alejandro looks like the sun is melting his brain.

We have a lights-are-on no-one-home situation going on here.


Every winter I think there’s no way the catnip in that pot is going to come back, and every spring it does. And Jake is happy!


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4-6-20 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Nice try, Robyn. These are not kittens… they are dust bunnies. I’m on to you! 😀

  2. They are all so cute, but those fluffy gray boys are just killing me!