4-8-20 Wednesday

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The kittens are 8 weeks old as of yesterday, and this is what they look like now!

Are you ready for their weights? Now that everyone is eating (and eating well) on their own, there’s been some substantial weight gain this past week. Here are their current weights:

Alejandro is now 2 lb 9 oz (he has gained 7 oz in the past week)
Pablo: 1 lb 14 oz (gain of 8.3 oz)
Javier: 2 lb 7 oz (gain of 8.8 oz)
Carmelita: 2 lb 3 oz (gain of 5 oz)
Diego: 2 lb 9 oz (gain of 7.2 oz)

To put it another way, each of the kittens gained more in this past week than they weighed at birth. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pablo is heavier than Carmelita at next week’s weigh-in.

Everyone is doing well – there was a little bit of a litter box issue last week (I’m trying to be delicate here so I don’t ruin your breakfast), but I started them on probiotics and it cleared up pretty quickly. With everyone eating so well on their own Isabella is going next week for her spay surgery, so we can get that done and over with. She’s still letting the kittens nurse a few times a day, but she doesn’t have any problem saying no to them when she’s not in the mood for their nonsense, and I always encourage her in doing so.

Speaking of that gorgeous girl, here she is in (as Brittany termed it yesterday) the Nope Zone, keeping an eye on the kittens.

Also, we’ve begun the time the kittens’ lives known as “Let’s line up those ding dang kittens and beg them to all look my way at the same time. How hard could it be?”

(“Very hard” is the answer. But I did it!) Left to right: Javier, Diego, Pablo, Alejandro & Carmelita.


Carmelita’s all “May I HELP you??”

She’s not sure what she thinks about the giant teacup.

Diego likes this little pink chair. And doesn’t it set off his fur beautifully?

Pablo and the crazy eyes.

Javier wonders if a guy can’t just snuggle up with his teddy without having his PICTURE taken all the ding-dang time.

Alejandro’s turn in the Fruitasan.

Diego kinda likes the teacup.

Pablo and Diego have a snuggle, while Carmelita looks on grumpily.

Diego in the sun. SUCH a pretty boy.

I moved the Fruitasan, put a teddy bear rug in the bottom, and Javier followed.


Archie could use a smooch. (But once you smooch him, he’ll run away growling. Because he’s Archie.)


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  1. Fabulous pictures to share I love every one of them and every little kitten in those pictures can come home with me