11-27-19 Wednesday

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I got the BEST news last night! Our former foster Wellington (7 years old) and our former foster Charlotte (3 years old), who were both returned (separately) over a year and a half ago, were adopted yesterday – TOGETHER!

This is absolutely wonderful news, and we couldn’t be happier for those sweet kitties!!!


Gabrielle and Fleur watchin’ birds.

Henri from above.

JoJo has a think.

Henri has a smug.

Dream come true: with a helping hand, Gabrielle has touched the ceiling fan pull.

Gabrielle, Henri and Fleur watching the ceiling fan pull swing back and forth.

Josephine knows she can’t reach that thing; she’s not even going to try.

Snuggly little Fleur.

Henri (left) was sound asleep. So was Fleur, ’til she heard me walk over to take her picture. How adorable are they? Please also admire Josephine’s beautiful spots.

Gabrielle always looks so serious, but I assure you: she is one snuggly little muffin.


Fred was sitting in his recliner, and Henri was atop the cat tree. Fred could see that Henri was considering joining him, but he didn’t actually make a move to do so until he saw Khal jump up into Fred’s lap.

Henri flopped down next to Khal and presented his head for licking; Khal obviously obeyed.


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