4-12-19 Friday

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Where did you get that adorable kitty house that Laura is sitting in? I love the kitty shaped opening.

That is a Kitty Casa – I got several of them last year when we were dealing with ringworm and I needed something that could stand up to daily sanitizing. Their main web site is here, but you can also buy them from Amazon, and I’ve seen indications online that Petco carries them, but I’ve never seen them in our local store.


1) were you never worried about Charles being a threat to the kittens? In the wild they kill and eat them, don’t they? I’m seriously glad he’s a responsible Pa but i marvelled at how comfortable Caroline was to have him around. And 2) the cats that go into the yard, do they never wander further or is the area contained? Oh, you have a special fence net thing, don’t you?

I was concerned about Charles being a threat to the kittens until they were born. Once they were born, I saw how he was kind of interested in them, but that Caroline was always right there whenever he sniffed at them, and was pretty sure that if he tried anything, she’d put a stop to it. (And in retrospect, I think he was more interested in Caroline than the kittens – since she spent all her time with them, he missed having her to snuggle with.) It probably helped that he’d been neutered before we got him.

Yes, there’s a cat fence around the back yard – you can read more about it here.


Oh, that girl and those whiskers! (Mary)

Paw up, y’all. (Laura)

I think Albert had just woken up and he wasn’t sure who or where he was. (That’s the sign of a good nap.)

Laura’s not sure about those mirrors.

Almanzo was tired of posing and registered his complaint.

Laura looks like a little Precious Moment doll.

Sleepy Willie and Mary.

Charles shows off his fabulous Ears of Annoyance.

“What doin’, weird lady?” (Mary and Willie)

I put that cat tree at the end of my bed because I was worried that they’d fall off the end. It’s working really well!

I was waving the feather teaser around to get Laura’s attention, and Almanzo had to come up and see what was going on.

Same thing here – waving the teaser around to get Willie to look at me, and Mary came stomping up the tree to check out the situation.

Charles likes to hang out right outside the guest bedroom doorway so he’ll be RIGHT THERE for petting when my parents come out. Awww.

Almanzo is very pleased with himself.

Oh, that girl. She is so darn PRETTY. (Caroline)


Khal is no longer terrified of my parents – or, I guess I should say that his drive to sit in Fred’s lap outweighs his fear of them, since he skulks through the living room and hops up into Fred’s lap when we’re watching TV in the evening.


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