4-19-18 Friday

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I have a couple of questions: 1) When will you update the kittens’ pictures under “In Residence”? You have such good pics of them now; and 2) I thought their eye color was changing? Their eyes still look blue at 8 weeks.

I’ll update the pictures when I get around to (ie, don’t hold your breath. Just be impressed that they’re there at all; it’s not unheard-of for me to not get them in the sidebar at all until right before they’re ready to leave! Then again, if I’m in the right mood one day, I just might get it done. Who knows? Is a mystery!) And their eyes are changing – they photograph a lot bluer than they actually are, but at this point Albert’s the only one with a ring of blue around the outside of his eyes. (I have a few eye pictures in today’s post that might make it easier to tell.)


My 13 year old, 7 and 1/2 lb. cat has suddenly stopped eating wet food after doing so for the 8 years we have had her. She, of course, has her kibble which she loves, available at all times. I have tried various brands, flavors and textures to no avail. First, have you ever had this problem and second, is it necessary for health and nutrition for felines to incorporate both wet and dry food into their diets? I will add she is healthy with no known problems.

Has she been to the vet since she abruptly stopped eating the canned food? The fact that you can’t get her interested in any other canned food makes me wonder if there’s something going on with her physically. We’ve had cats stop eating canned food, but have been able to interest them in other canned food (so assumed that the issue with the original canned food was due to the company changing the recipe, but I suppose could have been boredom on the cat’s part too.) I would recommend a vet visit if she hasn’t been since she stopped eating canned food.

While it’s ideal for cats to have wet food as part of (or their entire) diet, we’ve had cats who couldn’t be convinced to eat wet food in the past – and Fred just reminded me that Frankie is one of them – who have existed perfectly fine on kibble.


Albert. Hmm… I guess you need to click on the picture to see the full-sized version to see the difference in color in his eyes. Or check this out…

If you look closely, you can see a ring of blue around the outside, but the color between the blue and his pupil is a light green.

Mary is skeptical about this whole “eye color” thing.

A closer look at Mary’s eye. A pretty green around her pupil, and a darker green beyond that.

Laura and Willie. I didn’t get a closeup of their eyes, unfortunately. Maybe that should be my goal for next week.

Almanzo (left) and Mary.

They had their first vaccinations Wednesday, and they were verrrrry sleepy yesterday.

“Oh, hi innernets.”

“I gots a foot. See?”

Charles loves to hang out atop this scratcher and watch the kittens play.

Caroline likes to follow me around and watch what I’m doing.


The dog went home last Friday – I had intended to bring kittens down and see how they were with him (and to take pictures of floofed-up kittens – which was my main goal, to be honest), but I never did get around to it.

My parents went home yesterday. While Charles was a bit standoffish toward them for the first two days, he warmed up to them. By the end of their visit, he would wait outside the guest bedroom and bust in – sometimes with Caroline, sometimes with one or more of the kittens – when one of my parents came out. He’d run in, jump up on the bed and flop down and purr and purr. After my parents left yesterday, I remade the bed with the bedding I use on the guest bed (say “bed” one more time, Robyn!) when we don’t have guests, and Charles immediately took a nap. Later, he was joined by Caroline.

They’ve never paid any attention to the guest room before, but now it’s the place to BE. I think they might be missing my parents!


Archie was perfectly fine with my parents, who would pet him when he demanded it.


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