4-8-19 Monday

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I missed mentioning this last week, but it’s been 2 years since Nola gave birth to her little Cajuns. You can follow two of them – Andre (formerly Andouille) and Bella (Beignet) over at Facebook. Here’s an update on their sisters Roux and Praline.

Praline is still a terror to any feather teaser crazy enough to come within her 5-foot leap, and she can do a mean front flip over a toy mouse when she takes it by surprise. She is also a snuggle bug and loves to curl up with anyone who will sit still long enough.

Roux loves to be with her people and will follow any of us around the house curiously observing and moving from room to room to help with laundry or sit on keyboards as needed. She loves to play fetch and will drop toys continuously at your feet until you finally cave and throw them for her.

They still love each other and play or nap together on a daily basis.

We are so grateful to have these sweet girls in our family!

Oh, how I love a happy update to kick off the week. (Thank you so much, Catherine!)



“This is our milk bar, lady. We watchin’ you.”

“You need something, lady?”

Keepin’ babies clean.

Laura has a think.

Willie, also thinkin’.

Albert and Laura, tusslin’.

“What doin’, lady?”

“Hi, Papa!”

Almanzo, bathing and keeping an eye on me. Did I mention he’s an excellent multi-tasker?


Percy, the dachshund we’re dog-sitting, was supposed to go home last Thursday, but is still with us. There was an unexpected death in the family while his people were in France, so they had to extend their stay for another week or so. Luckily for Percy, my parents arrived on Friday, so he’s getting some extra attention from them, and extra trips outside. He really is a cute little guy.

Speaking of my parents – I wasn’t at all surprised that as soon as she saw them, Caroline stomped right over to make friends. A couple of the kittens were a little wary of them for about 30 seconds, and now they’re all perfectly fine. However, Charles was wary for about two days before he decided they were okay and allowed them to pet him. He wasn’t scared, really, but just kept an eye on them from a distance, though as he watched them he’d purr and rub on the nearest piece of furniture. Now he’ll let them pet him, and I suspect in another day or two he’ll consider them BFFs.


Alice Mo the calico, on the other hand, has no desire to be friends with my parents.

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