4-9-19 Tuesday

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You remember Tank, who we tossed in with Ryder’s Fleet last fall? Well, he’s now Ron Ron, and here he is now!

I mean…

So much stress.

Perhaps in time that boy will learn to relax. We can only hope!

(Thanks, Paul!)


Sleepy Mary.

Sleepy Willie, Albert and Almanzo.

Charles was racing around like a crazykitten, and it made Albert and Laura put on their Floof Suits.

Caroline takes a rest.

It’s just a sleepy day, I guess.

Quite the judgmental face there, Charles.

The head tilt on Laura (in the box) is killing me.

“HI, Papa!”

Playing Slappy Paws.


Archie has a smug because he caught a baby chipmunk yesterday. He’s a mighty hunter, all right. (I rescued the chipmunk and it was unharmed.)


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