4-9-19 Tuesday

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You remember Tank, who we tossed in with Ryder’s Fleet last fall? Well, he’s now Ron Ron, and here he is now!

I mean…

So much stress.

Perhaps in time that boy will learn to relax. We can only hope!

(Thanks, Paul!)


Sleepy Mary.

Sleepy Willie, Albert and Almanzo.

Charles was racing around like a crazykitten, and it made Albert and Laura put on their Floof Suits.

Caroline takes a rest.

It’s just a sleepy day, I guess.

Quite the judgmental face there, Charles.

The head tilt on Laura (in the box) is killing me.

“HI, Papa!”

Playing Slappy Paws.


Archie has a smug because he caught a baby chipmunk yesterday. He’s a mighty hunter, all right. (I rescued the chipmunk and it was unharmed.)


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4-9-19 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. Perhaps that isn’t a smug look on Archie’s face. Perhaps it is a look of dislike….Well, youou did take his chipmunk…..

    Tank (Ron Ron) is just GORGEOUS!

  2. Where did you get that adorable kitty house that Laura is sitting in? I love the kitty shaped opening.

    • That is a Kitty Casa – I got several of them last year when we were dealing with ringworm and I needed something that could stand up to daily sanitizing. Their main web site is here, but you can also buy them from Amazon, and I’ve seen indications online that Petco carries them, but I’ve never seen them in our local store.

  3. Archie needs to pick on chipmunks his own size!! (hehehehe, can you IMAGINE??)

    I love seeing Tank-baby, Ron Ron so happy in his home!

  4. Oh Ron Ron, life is so stressful! That name cracks me up.

    And good for Archie! You know how cunning and deadly those things are, especially the young!

  5. Playing Slappy Paws – that’s pretty much how my father looked when he’d play with us while the game was on.

  6. Charles says, “Ma, you spoil these kids!” And agree with Beta Loop up there — Charles looks like he’d rather be doing something else instead of playing with Laura!

  7. Oh my gosh. Did you get a picture of the baby chipmunk? I will die from the cute!