4-9-18 Monday

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If you don’t follow Forgotten Felines of Huntsville on Facebook, you should go over there now. Polydactyl mancat Trent, who is likely Brian Boitano’s father, and tuxie mancat Jeremy, who looks like he could be father to Katarina and Oksana (though he’s not floofy the way they are) are both at Petsmart now, and available for adoption. Unlike their girlfriends Kristi and Katia, Jeremy and Trent are friendly.


Oksana joins the little ones at the milk bar.

Ohno (left) and Picabo, side by side.

Deanzilla, thinking about his next move.

Torvill gives me the crazy eyes.

Hangin’ out on the little blue cat tree. (Dean and Katarina)

Oksana with attitude.

Weigh-in! Apparently I hit the “tare” button without realizing it. Or Dean + Torvill = 0.0 pounds.

Tessa. Have you noticed that their ears have moved up? They’re 3 weeks old today, by the way.

Katarina, stuck in that tree again. (She’s not really stuck.)

Ohno giving Picabo the ol’ huggeroo.

Have I mentioned that Katia adores her mama?

Brian Boitano casually shows off his extra thumb. “Oh, this ol’ thing?”

Scott (left) next to Brian Boitano. You can see the difference in their coloring.

As mentioned up there, Kristi’s kittens are 3 weeks old today. Which means that they’re the same age Katia’s kittens were when Kristi’s were born. How do I not have a third mother cat giving birth in my cat room right now? I need a new litter born in that room every three weeks IF YA DON’T MIND.

(Fred: “I mind.” He’s no fun.)

If you missed it on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter over the weekend AND in yesterday’s giant weekly roundup post, I walked into the room Saturday to find Ohno and Scott out of the crate. Ohno was hanging out right next to the crate and Scott had crawled over to where Oksana and Katarina were snoozing, and curled up between them. I scooped both Ohno and Scott up and put them back in the crate, and no one has been out of the crate again – but I suspect it won’t be long before they’re all crawling around the room and driving their mother crazy.

Katia’s kittens are 6 weeks old (as of yesterday) and while I haven’t actually seen them eat any of the kibble or canned cat food, I’m sure they’ve given it a try. They’re using the litter boxes – not at 100%, but pretty close to it. They prefer the boxes in the closet – in fact, prefer to climb into the BIG boxes – to the smaller boxes scattered around the room. Those babies are growing up – and at 6 weeks old, they’re about 6 weeks away from being ready for spaying/neutering/vaccinations and available for adoption. WHERE does the time go??


Archie has a curiosity.


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4-9-18 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Time does fly … they are getting so big WAY TOO FAST!
    I do love how the older ones like to snuggle with the little ones.
    H-e-l-l-o Archie!

  2. Archie!

    I agree with you. A 3rd litter of kittens seems to be the natural way to go here.

  3. Wow – the difference between Ohno and Picabo is clear in the side by side photo – white paws vs grey paws…both adorable!

    So glad that Forgotten Felines Huntsville are taking care of two of the possible fathers, who are buddies. It would be wonderful if they were adopted together!

  4. Adorable pictures today! Teeny Tiny Tabbies has new babies (you can virtually adopt them as your third litter I suppose).

    • I don’t know how to just edit my comment above, but the real name of the blog I was referring to is Three Tiny Tabbies. Not sure if she changed it or I just remembered it wrongly.

  5. Is Joe Bob okay? It’s been awhile since I recall seeing a picture of him. I’m not sure where he is in the rotation.

    Aw, crud. I looked at the permanent residents page and now I remember. So soory…