4-10-18 Tuesday

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Ohno escaped the crate and was VERY excited to find Katia hanging out in the middle of the room.

That little face.

Picabo’s all “We not supposed to be out of the crate! We is still babies! The weird lady said so!”

Debi considering how to make her escape. (She’s gotten out of the crate a few times, but it’s always a bit of a struggle to haul herself over the threshold.)

I love how you can see Tessa’s stripes in this picture. Tessa, by the way, is the kitten who seems uninterested in leaving the crate. She’d much rather be belly-up to the milk bar.

Been to the litter box, Dean?

Katarina has a skeptical.

Oksana disapproves of those kittens leaving the crate.

“Hey unclebrothernephewfriend Dean, whatcha doin’?!”

What would Brian Boitano do if he were here right now? He’d “HEY GUYS LOOK I HAVE AN EXTRA THUMB, CHECK IT OUT!” that’s what Brian Boitano’d do.

Sleepin’ Katarina. It’s nice to see the older kittens sleeping outside the crate lately.

Oksana and Torvill in the top of the blue cat tree.

Getting a bit of the ol’ attitude from Torvill, as you can see.


Video! Here’s a time lapse of the kittens and mamas from midnight to about 8 am. No wonder they’re always dozing off – they’re exhausted because they NEVER stop moving!

YouTube link


“How did I get out here and how’d you get IN there, lady?” (Dewey)


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4-10-18 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. 1) Tessa is gonna be a fatty!
    2) Ohno is Oh so cute! (Love that stripey tail!)
    3) Brian Boitano’s face shape (wide nose) is like Dean’s & Torvill’s.
    4) This double litter is just the cutest!
    5) Let Dewey IN!
    6) I want to lay in that mosh pit of kittens!

  2. Looks like momma mom is feeding all the babies last night. What a good momma letting her daughter rest.

  3. All these kittens and nary an “I’m da baybeee!” in the bunch? Or is it just that as soon as one wahhhhh gets going, an overly protective mom or big sister rushes over?

  4. Dewey!!

    The video is hilarious – as soon as either Katia or Kristi come in, it becomes a hive of activity, each kitten for him/herself at the bar. Oh those little faces…

    (Torvill, stop changing your eye colour. Don’t you know blue is your colour?)

    • Nope. The cute is overwhelming though. Good thing the Olympics is over or we wouldn’t win anything except “Watching Kitten Cuteness”!

  5. You can really tell which Mom would be the “Supermom” and which one would be “The Might Huntress” if they were back in the colony.

    Over the years we’ve had a number of bonded pair Mom cats and they almost ALWAYS split this way, with one taking on the majority of kitten care and the other “has a career” which in a colony would be hunting but in the tame is often snoozing under the bed lol

  6. 2014 is a sad but awesome post to go back to btw. There are chickens, ducks, Fred, and Dennis.