8-11-10 – Maddy, then and now

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This is Maddy:

She was my very first bottle baby, way back in 2006. Nance fell in love with her over the internet, and she and Rick drove down to Alabama – the first time we met in person after years of internet friendship! – and brought her home.

This is one of my very favorite foster pics I’ve ever taken:

When Maddy was still with me, she loved to sleep on the printer next to my desk. Someone asked “What does she do when you need to print something?” I didn’t know, so I found out:

YouTube link

(No Maddys were harmed in the making of that movie. Her pride was a little bruised and she stayed away from the printer from then on, but she was fine.)

At four years old, Maddy has grown up to be gorgeous, if a little antisocial. I managed to get one single picture of her.

Next time I visit, I’m bringing the GOOD camera with me, and I WILL get a million good pictures of her gorgeous face.


I’m on my way home today. Fingers crossed that all my flights go well and I don’t have to spend the night in Charlotte!


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