8-5-10 – Lieu news, the MMMs and the Bookworms.

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Good news! Lieu was adopted Tuesday evening. Fingers crossed that this one “takes”!


This is exactly the color of Moxie’s eyes. You can’t see the rest of her, but at least you know what color her eyes are now!

A rare shot of all three of them.

Melodie, giving me the sass.

Melodie – in my lap!

She’s had just about enough of your shenanigans.


What the cats dragged in. I put the quarter there for size comparison, and Reacher had to come get involved.

Rhyme in the sun.

Corbett in the chair (you know that chair is there for the SOLE reason of supporting a cat bed, right? I’m not even kidding.)

Bolitar, on the table in the front room.

Bolitar, close up. He has such pretty eyes. All my Bookworms do, really.

Reacher, keeping an eye on everything.


He was sound asleep like this. With the temps hitting 100+ lately, he’s been spending his mornings out in the back yard and his afternoons sprawled out like this in the house.


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