8-2-10 – The MMMs & the Bookworms (Corbett, to be exact)

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So, one week is the amount of time it took for Miss Melodie to come around. On Saturday I went into the kitten room and took her down off the cat tree, as usual. Then I sat on the floor holding her to me, and patted her and kissed her behind the ear and told her how pretty she was like I usually do. She put up with it for about 30 seconds, and then she fled for the cat tree. Only this time, instead of climbing to the top of the cat tree and glaring down at me, she stopped halfway to the cat tree, turned around, and came back for more petting.

She’s still skittish, but it’s definitely progress.

Ninja Moxie will put the smack down, little boy.

“I disapprove of this behavior.”

Martin loves to attack this pillow. I think it must taunt him when I’m not around.

This is the face of a kitten who has just woken up and doesn’t want to get down off the cat tree himself. He wants me to come get him and put him on the floor. He meows huskily at me until I bend to his will, and as I’m putting him down on the floor, I like to say “Wahhh! I’m the BAY-BEE!” in a mocking way. Oh, I crack myself up.


Joe in the Joe cave. Is that a happy boy, or what?

But someone’s always gotta come along and ruin the happy moment. (That’s Corbett. I’m sure he just wanted to be friends. He wasn’t trying to be all up in Joe Bob’s space. Right? Yeah, right.)

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