8-23-10 – The Bookworms & the MMMs.

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“Who, me? What? Nothing!”

At least once a day, Fred looks around at the Bookworms (or looks at one moseying by) and says “I think this is the prettiest litter we’ve ever had.” There’s no arguing – they are one gorgeous bunch.


@ @ @ @


Melodie, playing. Just after I snapped this picture, she fell onto her side and gave that toy a few bunny kicks for good measure. I guess that toy knows who the boss is now!

“Who, me? Just sitting in this cat bed that I flipped upside down. That’s all.”


Martin and the toy that Melodie had just bunny-kicked. He’d like it known that HE is actually the boss ’round these parts.

Paws up, y’all!

These two are just so sweet with each other. They’ll walk across the room just to rub up against each other. It’s mighty sweet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was going out to run errands one day, and looked over to see Newt taking it easy under one of the upside-down tubs we can’t seem to find a storage place for.


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