8-3-10 – The MMMs and the Bookworms.

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I wish I could get a good picture that shows the truly gorgeous color of Moxie’s eyes.

I don’t know what Martin was smelling on the rug, but it made him go ::FLOOF::, and he stayed that way for a good long time.

Melodie, hanging out in the cat bed on the floor instead of fleeing to the cat tree! Yay!

Poor long-suffering Moxie. All she wants to do is hang out and be petted, and that little brat Martin keeps picking fights with her.

Melodie got tired of Martin’s sass, and fled to the cat tree. Boo!


I truly can’t stand how gorgeous Corbett is.

Rhyme’s all “Come give us a kiss, darling.” That or “Come here and let me bite your face off!”

Joe in the Joe cave, Reacher doing god knows what, and Jake and Rhyme about to get into a fight (or a snuggle, hard to tell).


The fact that Elwood and Reacher are hanging out atop the bookcase in the front room – Stinkerbelle’s spot! – helps explain why it is…

..that Stinkerbelle is suddenly spending so much time in the computer room.

Her deep and consuming love for Tommy probably has something to do with it, too.


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