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The Reacher creature.

Reacher, sneaking in the cat door before I spot him and yell at him.

He has such gorgeous eyes. All my Bookworms do.

Oh, how Marty loves the Skinneeez teaser.

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These kittens have the prettiest markings.

I love the two light brown stripes down Hutch’s back.

Hutch, skeptical.

I don’t know what Starsky’s looking at, but it appears to be pretty amazing.

Starsky. Who does little Starsky remind me of? He reminds me SO MUCH of Bolitar, not only in looks, but also in temperament.

Bolitar, back in March:

Anyway, here’s the story behind Starsky and Hutch. I got a call from the shelter manager Sunday evening. Another Challenger’s House foster mom had gotten these two little kittens from a friend who found them. They’d been tossed out of a car along with a third kitten. The third kitten was in such bad shape and hurt so badly that there was nothing that could be done for it, and it had to be euthanized.

Since all my little guys are going to Petsmart on Friday, I knew I’d have the room, so I was more than willing to take them.

These two were LOADED with fleas when I got them, and so the first night we bedded them down in a big carrier in the blue coop with a heating pad.

On a side note, I have been REALLY lucky as far as fleas go. The only time I ever spotted fleas on fosters is when we got the Cookies last Fall, and they only had a few fleas. When I say these two were loaded with fleas, I’m not kidding. They had fleas crawling in their eyes. It was awful.

By mid-day Monday, the fleas were eradicated, and I bathed them and set them up in a cage in the guest bedroom.

They’re doing well and are pretty healthy. They’re a little bony, but they’re both eating well and putting on the ounces. They’ve been using the litter box I put in their cage, Starsky has been eating a little of the bowl of Babycat kibble I left in their cage, and last night Hutch lapped some formula off a plate.

They’re sweet and snuggly and friendly. They’re at that age I love so much, where they’re just figuring out how to play with toys and how to play-fight with each other, where everything is AMAZING, and their favorite thing to do is climb into my lap, purring and kneading.

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VERY MUCH do Kara, Sugarbutt and Tommy disapprove when we have the nerve to leave the back yard. Look at the judgmental faces on those three!


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