8-16-10 – The Bookworms & the MMMs.

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Bolitar. Oh, how I love this cat.

Reacher. Oh, how I love THIS cat.

Corbett. LOVE. (Do we sense a theme?)

Rhyme. LOVE him. At this point, all four of the Bookworms have figured out how to get from the floor to the counter, the counter to the top of the fridge, and the top of the fridge to the top of the cupboards. They hang out there from time to time, though never all four at once. YET.

Miz Poo’s all “Do you SEE what I have to put up with?”

Rhyme, up high. They make me nervous when they hang over the side like that – like they’re considering jumping straight to the floor. They haven’t yet, but they certainly like to make me worry.


Whenever I go on vacation, I worry that by the time I get back, the fosters will have forgotten me, and I’ll have to start all over again. Melodie and Dodger did seem a little “And who are YOU?” for a couple of days after I got back, but something shifted suddenly over the weekend, and now not only is Melodie on the floor as soon as I walk into the room (instead of staying on the cat tree), she’s rubbing up against me, she’s demanding petting, she’s picking fights with Martin, she’s playing like a wild thing.

It’s really nice to see, I’ve gotta say.

Dodger’s still a touch on the nervous side, but he’s definitely coming around. He is SUCH a little love – he rubs on the other cats, he rubs on the chair, he rubs on the wall. He’ll walk across the room with his tail sideways like he’s rubbing on something in another dimension only he can see. And he’s one submissive little monkey – yesterday, Martin jumped on him, and they both kind of slid to the floor. Dodger just purred and looked at Martin like “Do whatever you want with me, I LOVE YOU.” Martin was annoyed that Dodger didn’t fight back, and stomped off for greener pastures only to get his butt kicked by Moxie, who will put up with none of his shenanigans.

LOOK! All four in one shot! This took some work, let me tell you. I couldn’t convince them to get any closer to each other, but this is good enough for now.

“Shenanigans. I disapprove of them.”

I saw a copy of Cat Fancy a few days ago, and on the cover was a Bombay cat. I looked around online, and I really think that our miss Moxie is at least part American Bombay. She’s got the silky coat, the beautiful eyes, and the personality.

Speaking of the silky fur, both of the girls in this bunch have that lovely, silky fur that’s such a pleasure to touch. The boys both have coarse fur that isn’t nearly as soft (which is not to say that it stops me from petting them, of course!).

Dodger in the sun. He appreciates a good sun puddle.


One box of Loony, coming right up! Did you want that shipped UPS or Fed Ex?


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