12-21-20 Monday

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The last of the Love & Hisses holiday cards y’all requested are going out in the mail today. If you’d like to see the ones I’ve received so far, here they are – click on this link, or scroll through them below. I’ll add any more that I get, as soon as I get them (though I usually only make it by the post office once a week or so.)

2020 Holiday Cards Received


Fritter’s all “Watching you, lady. Watching. YOU.”

Snuggling with Pretzel.

I was trying to take a picture of Fritter in a pile of tinsel, and he said “I’ll take this. I know just the place for it!” and jumped down and began dragging it across the room.

Allll the way across the room.

And into and out of the Aldi house. Then he dropped it and wandered off to play elsewhere.

They really like this big bed on the end of Fred’s bed.

In the mornings, if there’s food left on the kittens’ breakfast plate, I bring it downstairs and offer it to Newt. And Fritter says “Oh, food!” and helps out. Despite the fact that two minutes earlier he’d said “Oh I can’t finish this. I’m full!”

Things are simultaneously quieter and crazier than they were last week. Last week we had twice as many kittens, but they were running around upstairs only. This week we have two kittens, but they’re EVERYWHERE during the day. Trying to get into the fridge, wondering what’s up on the counter, getting all up in Newt’s face and making him mad. We’re still putting them in the kitten room at night and they don’t love that very much, but life is tough, kittens. (Fred lets them out when he gets up around 4, so don’t feel too sorry for them.)


Dewey up close.


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12-21-20 Monday — 4 Comments

  1. OMC Fritter was decorating the cat house for Christmas!! 😀

    I love seeing your cards. People find such cute and funny ones!! Thank you for sharing them!

  2. Just read about Elwood. Always seems to be some bitter with that sweet during the holidays. Same at this house, too.