11-3-22 Thursday

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Lalo’s havin’ a snuggle with his mama (and doesn’t Kim looked thrilled?)

Francesca (left) and Gustavo are watchin’ bugs.

Lalo and Gus have filed themselves in the “out” box.

Look at those bright eyes! Mike (in the back), Gus (yellow collar), Saul, Nacho, and Francesca (on the right, pink collar) were hanging out on the bed and some of them thought perhaps I was about to do something exciting. (Spoiler: I did not.)

Francesca pauses mid-bath to have a thought.

Saul watchin’ bugs out the window. It’s the best entertainment around here these days, apparently.

Nacho, Gus and Mike.

The girls were spayed yesterday, and the boys got their rabies shots. With all kittens out of the house for a few hours, Kim had some time to relax and hang out. When I brought the kittens back, about 6 hours after we’d left, Kim gave me a betrayed look and huffed off to sit atop the cat tree and consider her life choices. The girls were a bit dopey for the rest of the day, and the boys were pretty sleepy too, but by bed time everyone was rallying and there was a lot of playing and wrestling going on.


I don’t know what was going on on the front porch, but Archie was fascinated.


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It’s spay day for the girls, and the boys are getting their rabies shots! I expect all to go smoothly and we’ll be home again by mid afternoon! (Gonna be a quiet day for Kim!)

Home again, home again! Just got home with the kittens. The girls (who were spayed) are alert (and eating), the boys (who got their rabies shots) are just fine (maybe a little sleepy.) Kim is curious (but not hissy) about the fact that her kittens smell like the vet. We are all glad to have that experience done and over with!

Good night innernets. (Lalo and Gus)


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11-3-22 Thursday — 2 Comments

  1. How can black cats get overlooked for adoption when they are as cute as the two of them in that 2nd picture??

    They are so cute the pair of them – I hope they get the same humans so they can live together forever!