10-30-20 Friday

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Are you eventually putting Charley’s photo in the Permies group on the sidebar….or maybe first you’re going to adopt another foster to even up the number of photos?

Yep, making a page for Charlie is on my lengthy list of things to do!


Where did you get that cute pumpkin picking pail (not shown here, but I think earlier this week and on InstaGram)? It is adorable! And with the tiny ear tips barely showing! (I know the ear tips don’t come with the pail!!) Also, all of the hat/costume pictures are GREAT! I think we have a very cooperative bunch of kittens plus an extremely patient photographer! I’m enjoying these very much. Thank you!

I got that pumpkin pail at Michael’s! They have some of the cutest stuff, and I have to resist filling up a cart with photo props every time I go near the store.

This is a pretty cooperative bunch of kittens – I will say that Tater Tot is a little POSER. I got so many good pictures of her in the wizard hat that I had to make Fred choose the best one.


I think those lines down Annie’s back look like the paint on a Dodge Viper. Perhaps she’s made for speed? 😀

She is DEFINITELY made for speed! Vroom vroom vroom!


Have you ever had a cat with displaced vacuum cleaner aggression? When I vacuum, my cat will attempt to stop the noise (I guess?) by attacking shoes with a whappy paw, which is hilarious.

I haven’t experienced that, but I’ll be looking out for it! Most kittens are either scared (so hide) or nervously interested (so they watch from a close distance.) Caroline would slap the vacuum cleaner, and actually when I vacuumed in the kitten room Wednesday, Tater Tot came over and gave it a smack!


Ok, I know you’ve been asked this a million times but I have to ask again: how are you able to let these adorables go when the time comes? I volunteer at PetSmart once a week and get so attached in the short time I’m there. Eventually, I’d like to become a foster for kittens but I think giving them up will be the hardest part. How do you do it? Or should I ask, if Fred weren’t in the picture, how do you manage it?

Oh, it’s a hard experience and I white-knuckle it every time. It’s easier (for me) when they get to go home straight from here without having to go to Petsmart*, and I have been VERY spoiled this year. None of 2020’s fosters have had to go to Petsmart (yet). For me, at this point I know that the hardest part is the few hours right before they leave, whether they’re going straight home or to Petsmart. Once they’re in the carrier and in the car, I’m okay (though of course I miss them afterward.) The pain of saying goodbye is part of the process – I’ve loved them with my whole heart the entire time they’ve been with me, and I love them when they’re gone, but we can’t keep them all; we have to make room for the next batch.

*It’s hard to have fosters go to Petsmart just because for them it can be a little scary at first. BUT the volunteers who clean and scoop and give them love and play with them are AMAZING and I appreciate them so much.


Has Charlie been outside yet?

Nope! He goes onto the screened porch, but we have to leave the door open a crack for him to go out there and get back inside, because he hasn’t figured out the cat doors. I am perfectly happy to NEVER let him go outside, but I’m sure at some point he’ll figure it out. He is just under 5 months old now, and past fosters haven’t figured out the cat doors until they were 6 months old or older. I’ll be curious to see when it clicks for Charlie.


I am jealous, seriously. I want to sit down in your foster room and get an immediate lapful of kittens! I’d love to hang out with a bunch of friendly kittens until this election is over… Are the Bills, Fritter, Pretzel, and one or two others still the consistent firsts to crawl on you?

Yeah, they tend to be the first ones in my lap still, though kittens rotate out pretty regularly. So far everyone but Annie Oakley climbs in for a snuggle at some point or another. Annie Oakley has been across my lap a few times, but she mostly likes to sit just far enough away that I can’t reach her because she’s a brat.


I’m sorry, I’m sure it’s been asked before, but where did you get the super popular ham-mick?

From Ham-Micks by Forty Paws! I should add that that’s actually two ham-micks put together. Without the bottom level, they tend to knock it upside down. Which doesn’t bother them (they’ll still lie on it, though without the hammock effect), but really bugs ME.


Poor Buffalo Bill. Someone’s always biting his tail!

Whew. It’s a good thing Funnel Cake doesn’t have a tail, he wouldn’t fit in the Tiny Basket!

Annie Oakley and Pretzel fit nicely in the Toastycat bed.

Candy Apple (one of you called her “Candy Cane” and now I keep trying to call her that. I wonder if I’ll call anyone by their right name by the time they head outta here?) thinks the top of that scratcher is VERY comfy. Just so you know.

Snowcone’s getting it from both ends (that’s Annie Oakley fighting with the top end and Fritter biting his foot) and Buffalo Bill is all “You see I’m not involved with this, right?”

That’s a lap full.

Davy Crockett has gone from a “DON’T YOU TOUCH ME, LADY!” scaredy kitten to a total lovebug.

Funnel Cake and Wild Bill have themselves a snuggle.

Annie Oakley works on her multi-tasking: taking a bath AND working those Ears of Annoyance.

Onion Ring is all “You has a snuggle for me, lady?”

I brought up the basket full of dishtowels and other assorted dirty laundry, and the kittens were ENTHRALLED.


Charlie realized that he can see the birds much better from this spot.

Weird ladies, too.


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  1. Does anyone else start singing the song “Davy Crockett” whenever they come across that “king of the wild frontier” in these posts? Just me-okay.

    • Are you kidding? This site is a perpetual mental jukebox buttons pusher. And right behind this song, I hear the Miami Vice theme, which always makes me think of Ruthless People, “Crockett and Tubbs – they’re floatin’!!”

    • Ha – I sing it every time I say his name! (When they were getting medication twice a day, I would sing it to him every time I squirted it in his mouth.)

  2. Robyn, your comment, “You see I’m not involved with this, right?” cracks me up, so appropriate, and something my kids would say trying to explain themselves when in trouble. Your captions are always spot on and laugh-out-loud. Thank you!

  3. So, I always said that Annie Oakley is a perfect little tabby girl, but that shot of her from above where she’s giving Snowcone a beat-down? Wow. I didn’t realize her coat was so colourful! She almost looks like a psychedelic 60’s-era bed spread.