10-29-20 Thursday

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A lap full. Eclair and Candy Apple in the back, Snowcone, Wild Bill and Fritter in the front.

Funnel Cake enjoying the sun.

Have I mentioned that Davy Crockett’s intense little face kills me? It really does.

Hush Puppy, Wild Bill and Calamity Jane enjoy the warming pad.

Wild Bill shows off his Thlurrrpsday form.

Breakfast is served. (I really need to do a time-lapse video; they empty those plates incredibly fast.)

I love the smirk on Eclair’s face.

Calamity Jane and French Fry on the ham-mick (and Buffalo Bill wandering by.) Please admire the sprinkle of litter on French Fry’s face; she’d just been digging around wildly in the litter box for fun.

“You rang?” asks Pretzel.

Annie Oakley and Tater Tot havin’ a snooze.

Hush Puppy LOVES to stretch out on the ham-mick, can you tell?

Still not a fan of the vacuum cleaner!


Dewey joined big brother Jake on the deck long enough for me to grab one picture – and then he vamoosed into another dimension.


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10-29-20 Thursday — 16 Comments

  1. I am jealous, seriously. I want to sit down in your foster room and get an immediate lapful of kittens! I’d love to hang out with a bunch of friendly kittens until this election is over… Are the Bills, Fritter, Pretzel, and one or two others still the consistent firsts to crawl on you?

    I admit, I still imagine the joy that would be a fifteen-kitten PURRRRR orchestra.

    • They’re pretty much the first ones in (and Buffalo Bill stays most of the time) – Davy Crockett is always nearby too, but they all take turns climbing in for petting (and to bite my feet).

  2. Where did you get that cute pumpkin picking pail (not shown here, but I think earlier this week and on InstaGram)? It is adorable! And with the tiny ear tips barely showing! (I know the ear tips don’t come with the pail!!) Also, all of the hat/costume pictures are GREAT! I think we have a very cooperative bunch of kittens plus an extremely patient photographer! I’m enjoying these very much. Thank you!

  3. Sqooze you lady, but in the first picture, isn’t there another black kitten, at the intersection of Candy Apple, Snowcone and Wild Bill?

  4. Are you eventually putting Charley’s photo in the Permies group on the sidebar….or maybe first you’re going to adopt another foster to even up the number of photos? (Laughter!)

  5. How sweet of Calamity Jane to always smile nicely for the camera when her photo’s is taken!

  6. I’m sorry, I’m sure it’s been asked before, but where did you get the super popular ham-mick?

    • From Ham-Micks by Forty Paws! I should add that that’s actually two ham-micks put together. Without the bottom level, they tend to knock it upside down. Which doesn’t bother them (they’ll still lie on it, though without the hammock effect), but really bugs ME.