10-30-19 Wednesday

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Fleur, keeping an eye on me.

Luc is all “I would get up to greet you, but Beauregard is sleepin’ on my paws and he’s so darn cute I can’t bear to disturb him.”

“What doin’, lady?” That’s Luc on the end of the couch, and JoJo’s ear up near me.

Beauregard would like a snuggle. (Of course I obliged. I’m not a MONSTER.)

Onyx finds this pillow super comfy. (Onyx is Fred’s sister’s cat, who we are cat-sitting while they’re in France.)

Do you think one day I’ll find all six of them crammed in there? I hope so. For now, we have Gabrielle, Henri and Beauregard.

“LADY, QUIET. FLEUR IS SLEEPIN’.” Yes ma’am, Josephine.

“You woke her up.” Oops.

Six kittens, one tree. From the top: Gabrielle, Luc (left), Beauregard, Fleur (left), Josephine & Henri.

“What doin’, lady?” Josephine wonders.

One bed, six kittens.

Gabrielle, Luc and Fleur (in the back) look very, very concerned, don’t they?

Josephine looks amused as she shows off her delightfully spotted belly.

An update on Fleur – I mentioned last week that we were switching medications to help Fleur with her snuffly sneezies, and it seems to have done the trick. She’s completely better, thankfully, and none of the others has shown any symptoms (though I’ll admit that every time I hear a random sneeze I worry. But it’s been two weeks, so I think we’re safe.)


The kittens were all piled up in the living room asleep, and Dewey took the opportunity to sneak onto the (heated) bed and watch the squirrels for a while.


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10-30-19 Wednesday — 3 Comments

  1. You certainly need to license that six-cats-in-a-cat-tree photo to the tree’s manufacturer – it would make a heck of a persuasive ad! Of course, some people might see it and think “buy this tree and you’ll grow six kittens.”

  2. Please describe their eye color and personalitys. I am a little vision impaired during this illness and hospital stay.