1-28-21 Thursday

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Feelin’ grumpy.

OH that belly.

It seems fitting that she’s hanging on to a toy pizza.

“I’m growin’ kittens here, lady!”


Oh, that Khal. Is he magnificent? Why, I believe he is.

Speaking of Khal, here he is showing off his favorite move: turning his head to be adorable so I’ll pet him.

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1-28-21 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. I saw your Khal video and couldn’t believe I was actually watching him move! I’m so accustomed to see still images that when he moved and looked so adorable, I died. “Magnificent” doesn’t do him justice.

    Ok, saw his shaved leg last week, w’as up with that?

    • The pic with the shaved leg was taken after a dental last fall (I think.)

      What I need to get is a slow-motion video of him strutting majestically across the back yard!

  2. Canasta is definitely growing kittens! She looks like she’s at the “uncomfortable” stage. And Khal – so adorably magnificent!

  3. I think Canasta’s looking for the real pizza, lady. Extra cheese.

    Khal sometimes reminds me of a 70’s hair band member (of the Bee Gees genre).

  4. Figaro does the exact same move when he wants me to pet him! It often turns into full belly exposure. He loves belly rubs!