1-28-20 Tuesday

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Thanks, everyone who’s asked after Kara lately. She’s doing okay – she has good days and bad days; she had a really good weekend (RIP Chippy the Chipmunk) and a pretty bad yesterday. We’re having a hard time getting her to eat, and she is SO TIRED of our constantly offering food. She gets fluids, which perks her up, but not as much and not as long as it used to.

This is to say that she’s still with us, she’s still happy most of the time, but at some point we’re going to have to make that decision, and I don’t want to predict when that will be; I’m no good at those predictions. We’re just enjoying every moment we can with that sweet girl.


I’m sensing a little attitude from Jake.

We had some sunshine yesterday, and Archie was happy.

Dewey was also happy (though this picture wasn’t from yesterday; it was some time in the spring).

Frankie’s all “Stop takin’ my picture and open this ding dang window for me!” (PS: If you scroll down to the bottom and click on the link for 2017, you’ll see the post about how we were looking for a home for Frankie. We did this thing where we decided to keep him because he was FIV+ and very sweet, but then Archie had an extended days-long tantrum, and we rethought our decision. Obviously we ultimately ended up keeping him, and I’m glad since he ended up needing all that dental work, and he and Jake are BFFs and he’s a sweetheart even though he prefers Fred to me. WHO DOESN’T?!)

Happy Khal in the sun.

This house used to be on our front porch at Crooked Acres, nearly always occupied by Maxi. Now it’s on the screened porch and is nearly always occupied by Alice. It has a heated bed under that towel, and Alice considers it her safe space, though sometimes Jake will loon his way in there with her (but she’s okay with that, she’s not scared of him.)

Newt wonders where the catnip has gone. (It dies off in the winter and comes back in the spring.)


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1-28-20 Tuesday — 28 Comments

  1. Always a pleasure to see the permanent residents,but I do miss your fosters. Just being honest.

  2. Aww Kara…sending lots of purrs and hopes for more good days your way. And EAT Sheriff Mama! That’s an order! <3

  3. Hope Kara feels relief most of the time. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who tries to cater to their appetites. The strays eat well when my permies don’t. Do you have five different makers of canned food in your cabinet, just in case? Just in case they like it today because they didn’t yesterday (or last night)?

    Positive thoughts and good wishes to you; you’re traveling a difficult road but we’re right there with you both.

  4. I love seeing how the permanent residents are! They have a fantastic place to call home!

  5. I am sorry I must have missed it. What is going on with Kara? Sorry to hear she is not doing well.

  6. Sorry to hear that Kara is not doing well…hope her good days are long and the bad ones short.

  7. So sorry to hear about Kara. (I too missed the December post about renal failure.) We’ve gone through this with other kitties over the years. I hope she feels as perky as possible for as long as possible.

  8. Poor Kara. I wish her long good days and short bad days. Eat, Sheriff Mama! Best regards to you, Fred, Kara (of course) and all the other permies.

  9. I am also happy for Jojo and Gabrielle. Hopefully, they are being spoiled rotted with toys.

    • They got plenty of toys sent home with them, but even if they didn’t, I understand they’re being spoiled rotten. 🙂

  10. Aww, I’m sorry Kara is having the bad days that she is. It’s hard when you want her to eat and she just isn’t interested. We’re struggling with that at my house too. I find myself spending a small fortune on food and coaxing Bunny to even nibble at it.

  11. Hugs to Kara and her humans. Is liqui tinic helping with her appetite? Having a kitty not wanting to eat is so hard.

    • When we can get it into her, it seems to help a bit, but she’s decided (well, she decided pretty quickly) that she hates the taste, and I don’t want her to hit the point where she starts running from us, so we’re not giving it too often.

  12. We just had to make “that decision”, Dec. 26, with Pogo. He too wasn’t eating but we thought it was just an infected tooth or sore gums. So we took him in, knowing we wouldn’t want to put him under for surgery because he was 19 years old and wouldn’t survive anesthesia. But we were hoping to get some antibiotics and maybe some pain meds and hope they’d do the trick. But when the vet looked she said it wasn’t what we thought and by the looks it was probably cancer. My husband saw the gums and said there was a hole about the size of a pencil eraser in there. So yeah, other than making him comfortable there wasn’t anything she could do without all kinds of tests. Which none of us wanted to put him through. I wasn’t ready but I knew it was the right thing to do.

    We both thought he’d out live his brother, Banderling, but nope. Bander was always the one that had more health issues. But he’s still as feisty as always. 🙂

    So, yeah, Bander, Pippin, Merry and I are all sending warm hugs and purrs to you, Fred and Kara hoping she has many many more good days than not.

    I must have missed the story of Chippy the Chipmunk but sounds like she did her job policing the yard.

    • Katrina, I’m so sorry for your loss!

      Chippy the chipmunk is just my generic name for the chipmunks, like Earl is what all the squirrels are named. There’ll always be another Chippy.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, and I feel you. I had to do the same for my Pumpkin a week before Christmas. He’d stopped eating, and couldn’t get his back legs under him one day. I knew it was probably the end, but I took him in anyway, and it was diabetic ketoacidosis. Like you, I was unwilling to put a 19-year-old cat through what would have been necessary to treat it. Add to that that his insulin dose had doubled overnight about four months prior, and I knew that his pancreatic function was all but gone. At least I was ready. I knew, and I could do it.

      • Thank you. I’m sorry you had to go through it too. After having to do it so many times over the years I’ve actually had people ask why we weren’t “used to doing it by now” and to that I tell them you never, ever get used to it. Especially when you haven’t been able to get in the mindset of it. It’s hard every time but having 3 more and our dog helps.