Favorite Love & Hisses Pictures!

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Inspector Stompers, judging you.

Sugarbutt, judging you since 2005.

Carlin wonders “How did I get up here?!”

Orlando, hangin’ around.

Rickles wants “HUGS!”

Alice the Frog.

The Seven, all in a row.

Ears of Annoyance primed and ready for business. (Roseanne, from Lucy’s Fools.)

Gilda’s tummy – if you look closely, you’ll see two cat profiles! Gilda was one of Lucy’s Fools.

Miz Poo, accidentally snuggling with Beulah from The Seven.

Four out of five Dragons agree that bird-watching is THE BOMB.

A Louis and his Mama.

Happy Joe Bob.

“What?” (Norbie)

“You has cookie?”

Louganis gets slurpy.

“HUMANS! Come to the dark side! We have CRUNCHIES!” (Dennis)

I love this picture, with Stefani in the foreground, wildly flailing with claws out and the boys in the back all, “Oh, dear. She’s never going to get that teaser. Bless her heart!”

Pepsi – never a foster, but I was covering for a cleaner at Petsmart one morning, and love this picture so very much. (As of January 2016, I believe she’s still available for adoption.)

Levine works on his cabriole, which is messy and needs a lot of work, obviously.

I love how it looks as though King Nubbs is gazing adoringly up at Miz Poo. He’s all “My Queen!”

I managed to get pictures of Alice from the back. Here’s Stinkerbelle on the left, Alice on the right.

Spanky in 2007.

Spanky in 2007.

Spanky in 2007.

“HUGS!” (Dennis in February 2016)

Tom Cullen, chair thief. (October 2007)

Koko, January 2016.

Suggie say relax. (Sugarbutt in July 2010)

Charlie is one happy boy. (Charlie Peppers in November 2011)

Joe Bob loves that heated blanket.

There’s Praline with her tongue sticking out again. It’s gonna dry out!

Vampire Kitty likes to spend his days on top of the cupboards, where it’s warm and relatively dark. (Sugarbutt, from 2007.)

Someone is turning into a real lapkitty lately! I wish I’d made a video of this – Roux was purring like crazy.

“He’s behind me, isn’t he?” (Permanent resident Dewey, and Nola’s kitten Andouille.)

You can’t handle the cute. (Mercury’s kitten Telstar, who was briefly named Hubble until we shuffled the names around.)

Spitz and Phelps, learning to eat in August 2015.

Archie in the Archie-sized sink, February 2018.

“Woof! I’m a giraffe!” says Dennis. (February 2017.)

Bethel’s got the thlurrrpies. (July 2018)

It takes KennyBorkBorkMoopleton, Esquire, a long time to dry – and then when he is dry, he looks like he’s still wet because his curls clump together. I have to ruffle him up to floof up his curls, which he kinda likes. (August 2018)

Nobody knowwwwws. The Squash Bugs – Zucchini, Squash and Calabash – are HUNGRY. (August 2015)

2012-05-30 (11)
Kara and Elwood, rolling around in the grass. Kara didn’t have any idea that Elwood was there until…

2012-05-30 (12)

“I don’t like him. He’s not quite buff, he’s not quite orange. He’s indefinable, and I DON’T LIKE IT.” (June 2010)


Favorite Love & Hisses Pictures! — 27 Comments

  1. Pretty please can I have an order of Roseanne’s Ears of Annoyance with her little round head and ginormous eyes looking up at you? It’s one of the pictures of her posted on her “Retro Rosie” post of July 22.

  2. The pig picture from the post on 10-13-11: the one of the closeup that is labeled “You haz cookies”. It’s only one pig (if you have both of them in a similar pic feel free to add that instead). Thanks!

  3. Can you add the picture of Hubble nursing from the 8/13 roundup please?
    Also the 2015 picture of the littles (I think it’s Spitz and Phelps) enjoying wearing their food a bit more than eating it. It’s in today’s throwback. Thanks!

  4. Oh where’s the one of the 3 in ‘prison’ that makes me laugh my head off every time it shows up as the banner? It’s my favourite photo of any kittens anywhere.

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