12-31-18 New Year’s Eve Monday

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In case you missed it on Facebook last night, take a look at Kristi. This was her lying in Brittany’s lap last night.

According to Brittany: She really is super chill. Just hanging out. Likes belly rubs. Likes other cats. Doesn’t care about dogs. She’s not a cat that will come to you, per se, but you can snatch her up and cuddle her and she’s just content.

How wonderful is that? Katia is currently hanging out with a super-sweet boy kitty and she’s perfectly happy (a little jumpy, but pettable.) Kristi is so calm and chill that she may end up heading off to Petsmart – of course, if anyone out there is interested in adopting her, email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org!


Look at these sweet brothers.

Selena said: My babies still love to snuggle together and Hook still refuses to believe that he’s not bigger and heavier than Flynn. He loves laying ON Flynn not by him.

Flynn was formerly known as Kohle when he was our foster, and Hook was Khaleesi’s little Dragon Puff. They’ve been brothers since 2013 (is it possible that it’s been 5 years?! Holy moly!) and I love seeing those boys still snuggling up.

(Thanks, Selena!)


Paul said: Kinda thinking Tank (aka Ron Weasley) is adjusting just fine… I think he owns our bed now as Midnite watches on.

Is that not ADORABLE? (And doesn’t Midnite have excellent hiding skills?) Ron’s only been home for a little more than two weeks, and he looks like he’s always been there. I love it!

(Thanks, Paul!)


Sisters Phoenix (from Mercury’s Missions) and Amber (formerly Ambercup from the Squash Bugs), on Debra’s lap. How sweet is that?

Kitten love! (Phoenix and Amber)

(Thanks, Debra!)


These pictures were taken before some of them were adopted and others of them went to Petsmart, obviously.

Clutch and Axle in the front, Pulley and Solenoid in the back. Two (Axle and Solenoid) adopted, two (Clutch and Pulley) still available!

Fender had something to say!

Axle’s all “You always been weird like this, lady?”

Fender spotted an Asian Lady Beetle and was absolutely fascinated.

Cam found it pretty fascinating, too.

Pulley took a bath, while Fender kept an eye on the bug.

Dynamo, annoyed.

Nap time for Dynamo and Fender.

Cam and Fender in the sun.

Fender, making some sort of comment (and amused by it, too.)

“HI Unca Frankie!”


Newt found a feather, and declared it tasty.

VERY tasty.


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