10-18-17 Wednesday

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Note: I am in Myrtle Beach this week with family, but have pre-written and scheduled posts to go live each day at the usual time. I’m sure I’ll be posting (non-kitten) pictures from Myrtle Beach on Instagram (which will auto-post to the L&H Facebook page), if you’d like to follow along.

She always looks so annoyed, but I swear she is the sweetest girl in the world.

Stardust is planning to do something she shouldn’t, judging by that little smile on her face.

They’re 10 weeks old today, by the way, but this picture is from last week. Imagine that they currently look exactly like this, only a tad larger.

Phoenix looks teeny tiny next to her brother, but they’re nearly the same size. Must be the angle.

A little mother-daughter bonding, and Mercury is THRILLED.

Telstar from above.

He looks like he started to fall asleep and then thought “Did I remember to turn the iron off??”


Archie, smugly.


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