9-27-19 Friday

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Gabrielle’s keeping an eye on things while licking her nose. She’s an excellent multi-tasker.

Fleur gives Auntie Kat a kiss.

Watch the ATTITUDE, little man.

Luc would like a chance to hang out in the giant teacup if y’don’t mind, Henri.

JoJo’s sitting with her paws crossed ’cause she’s a LAYDEE.

Luc keeps an eye on me.

Oh, that Josephine. Can we agree she needs a kiss?


Okay, there’s a lot of Josephine in today’s post. What can I say? She was being photogenic!

Yes, Luc, you’re photogenic too. All of you are!


Khal and the Tail of Magnificence.


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9-27-19 Friday — 8 Comments

  1. Love your action shot of Khal! He sometimes looks like a black Jabba the Hut with just those glowing eyes in a sea of black. The one bad thing about black cats; taking their pics is difficult if you aren’t close-up or they aren’t moving. I have the same problems with my “Khal” and am always looking for angles that would really show him off. He – looks – MARVELOUS!

  2. Don’t you just love Luc’s dapper stripes?!! How have I not noticed them up to now??

    It’s always a good day when Khal makes an appearance.

  3. Khal the Magnificent looks awesome. Also I noticed how well you cat fence blends into the landscape. I had to look hard to see it.

  4. Robyn (and everyone else), do you know of any rescue shelters in South Texas (San Antonio/Austin or farther south) that will take unadoptable cats? My sister’s best friend passed away and left behind the only cat my sister (and me, too!) has ever been scared of. Gracie loved Jody, but other than that, she is literally an attack cat. My sister would try to take her anyway, but she has an ancient cat of her own, so it’s not really possible.

    • Try Shadow Cats in Austin. They take in strays, ferals and FIV/Feuleuk positive cats and other unadoptables. They work with the ones they can adopt out and are a sanctuary for the rest. Good luck!!