9-27-18 Thursday

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A couple of days ago, I got the monthly MeowBox, and thought that Ryder and her kittens might like some new toys.

I never thought about the fact that the toys all had catnip in them.

As it turns out? Ryder’s a fan of the ‘nip.

A BIG fan.

“Oh BOY do I feel good…”

“This stuff is AWESOME.”

“What… what’s Mama doin’?”

“MAMA! What you DOIN’?!”

Bunny-kicking Clutch in the head, is what she was doing.

Then she tussled with Gauge.

She unhinged her jaw to try to stuff the whole catnip PB&J toy into her mouth.

Then settled for rubbing her face on it.

Then she zoned out.

I swear I’ve never seen a cat react so quickly and strongly to catnip toys – the toys Meowbox sends out are always awesome (the baguette toy has always been a favorite) and the cats and kittens usually love them, but I swear within 10 seconds of my putting those toys on the floor, Ryder was ON them.

I’m thinking that I need to introduce her to fresh catnip one day soon.


Dewey settles down for a nap.


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9-27-18 Thursday — 14 Comments

  1. It’s so good to see Ryder playing and relaxing. It’s great this is her last litter and she can retire to a life of luxury.

  2. Oh that’s too funny! The babies’ confused faces as Mama “has a glass of wine, kids” is hysterical.

  3. I’m sure many parents would like to bunnykick their kids in the face at some point in their lives; if only they could use the excuse of “The catnip made me do it!” LOL

  4. Maybe all those tomcats had been rolling in nip. With the combination of her hormones and their eau de catnip, what chance did she have. Hence-nine kittens.

  5. Oh man she looks so chill. Can I have some of that? I don’t have 9 kids but this week has been a bear.
    Smiling though because my header pics was Roux, Praline, Beignet, and Andouille. Them on the scratcher pics was adorable. Ima head on over to FB to see how they are doing.

  6. One of my cats is a nip head, but the other doesn’t react. I’m glad Ryder enjoyed the treat so much!

    • Most of mine are to varying degrees. Fizzgig isn’t big into it, but one spring I found myself with a volunteer plant in a flowerpot. Said “you’re either catnip or spearmint, let’s ask the experts which.” I cut a sprig, took it inside, and offered it to the first cat next to the door, who promptly grabbed it out of my hand and started licking/chewing it. Asked and answered.

      And there it stayed for the rest of the summer.

  7. OMG !!! this is one of my absolute favourite posts ! Put it in the special archive. “What’s Mama doing ?” Those little faces say it all. Especially the comments. I loved your comment Brigitte !! I really needed this today 🙂