9-26-18 Wednesday

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I swear Clutch always has a smile on his little face.

“Hallo, weird lady!”

Fender biting Gauge’s paw (and Gauge not caring.)

This boy canNOT get over how good-looking he is! (Fender)

I promise y’all that Ryder has plenty of space to get up away from the kittens if she wants (and they can certainly eat on their own), but she’s often willing to open the milk bar and call the kittens to her.

Solenoid has a think.

That little basket must be super tasty, because these guys love to bite it.

Gauge in my lap, falling asleep.

Dynamo doing her best to chew through the cord holding that feather to the scratcher.

She is SUCH a good mama!

I suspect that RIGHT before I walked into the room, there was a milk bar there.

Pulley in the Tiny Basket.

7,000 warm and cozy places to sleep in this room, and they end up on the floor. OF COURSE.


Ryder went hunting yesterday, and brought her kill (2 feather teasers) to the kittens for dinner. I’ll be honest – I had no idea she could jump that high! (Pardon the less-than-awesome picture – I pulled it from the Nest cam.)

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Archie and the Ears of Annoyance.

Did you think that Archie spends all his time looking annoyed and killing dish towels? Here’s some proof that he plays!

YouTube link


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9-26-18 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. Aww so cute that Ryder went hunting. My man cat Petey caught me putting the feather teaser in the top drawer of my 5’6″ high dresser. I never dreamed he would/could jump up on top of the dresser, but he does. He can also open the drawer. I lost that teaser because he got it and chewed the cord. I don’t put the teaser in a drawer anymore, but he still opens the drawer looking for it. Little stinker.

  2. Ryder don’t you pay that lady no mind. You open that milk bar and coddle those kittens as often as you like because kittens grow up WAY too soon and before you know it they will be off get “tutored” and moving out of the house. 🙁

  3. Ryder hunting! Now we know how she took care of that brood of kittens before humans intervened! And good to see Archie being kittenish! Love this batch of baby-cats!

  4. Seeing Archie play like that made me smile so hard! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing that side of him, thank you!

    Ryder is a crafty mama and I’m impressed she didn’t knock over anything else in her effort to get those feathers!

  5. What a good and resourceful mama Ryder is.

    OMG, the 2006 entry is great. I had a hard time holding back the laughter so I wouldn’t get in trouble while reading at work. Too funny.

  6. Fun to see Archie playing!

    What is the sheep-shaped object in the Archie video? A sheep-shaped stool? Or bench, I guess.