8-17-22 Wednesday

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Kim’s in the crib, keeping an eye on the kittens in the crate.

Turns out, to no one’s surprise, Kim is a lapcat.

Lalo watches judgmentally.

Saul in the front with the crazy eyes, and Gus in the back with the complaints. (Actually, it looks like Gus is laughing at his own joke.)

Mike in my lap, having had his bottle, is ready for a snooze.

He takes up more space in my hand than he used to.

Francesca in the front, and Nacho in the distance, keeping an eye out.

Nacho could use a nap.

The milk bar is full. Kittens from left: Lalo, Mike, Nacho, Saul, Francesca, and (mostly under Francesca) Gus.

Francesca, Gus, Nacho, Lalo and Saul are 3 weeks old today! (Which makes Mike 17 days old.) They are SO CLOSE to leaving that crate but don’t quite have the nerve to make the first step. It’ll be very very soon, though. Their teeth have come in, they’re very interested in the world around them, and they’ve taken to licking me when I pick them up (which is like being kissed by angels. I expect the licking to last until they get the biting thing figured out, which will also be any ol’ time now.)


Archie loves to hang out on this table on the patio, keeping an eye on things.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

I guess Mike REALLY enjoyed that bottle – he’s currently in a milk coma.

Former fosters Periwinkle (formerly Bert Macklin – the all-gray cutie in the back) and Patches (formerly Art Vandelay) are just as cute as ever. They were part of our Fakers litter (mama Regina Phalange and their siblings Chanandler Bong, Ken Adams, Princess Consuela and Susie) and came to us to foster in March 2016 when the kittens were 3 days old. And now – boom! Just like that! – they’re 6 years old. Time certainly flies.⁠

(Thanks Kristin!)

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Please listen up, ’cause Saul’s got things to say!

Lalo likes to talk to the ceiling of the crate and tell it all his woes.

YouTube link
I know ALL kittens love their mama, but I still love to see how excited they get when they see her… even when they’re not hungry!

Oh good lord, that Gus is one gorgeous boy, isn’t he?

Good night innernets. ❤️


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8-17-22 Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. That picture of Saul looking out of the crate reminds me so much of Norbert!

    And goodness, I still tear up when I read Tommy’s memorial post…. ❤️

    • I absolutely cannot believe it’s been 7 years. What a terrible year 2015 was for us.

      (And I definitely see the Saul-Norbie resemblance!)

  2. The “Saul in the front with the crazy eyes, and Gus in the back with the complaints” picture is so funny!!! I needed a laugh this morning, and that delivered, so thank you very much 🙂

  3. Kim is a lapcat? Yay! 😀 She’s the latest in a long line of L&H kitties to steal my heart utterly. <3 Yes, the kittens are adorable, but I'd be adopting Kim if I could. I say that about one in every litter, I think!

  4. Periwinkle and Patches obviously have a very difficult life. They have to decide whether or not they want to nap on the couch on the ottoman or on the mound of blankets.

    Decisions decisions.

    What sweet faces. Sweet smug faces.