6-4-20 Thursday

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Benjamin is a little poser.

Cutey snuggled up into my armpit and went to sleep.

I put that box next to the couch to prevent the kittens from going behind the couch and hanging out – I like to have the couch against the wall but Les Chatons (especially Madeline) loved to go behind the couch and climb up into the couch cover and go to sleep. I hoped that the boxes (there’s another one on the other end) would prevent that from happening, and so far it’s working. I didn’t realize how much they’d like hanging out on top of the box, but luckily it’s sturdy.)

Everyone but Honey is present in this picture. Honey was busy…

Trying to figure out how to get into THAT room, which looks way cooler.

Bugs is all “How YOU doin’?”

Bugs and Lola continue to appreciate the Fruitasan.

“This child needs a bath, and I’m just the one to bathe him!”

Bugs and Benjamin, having some brudder time in the Fruitasan.

Benjamin makes an excellent foot rest.


The mighty huntress takes a break. (I continue to be blown away by what a good hunter Alice has turned out to be. The boys have started keeping an eye on her when she’s in the back yard because they know she can spot and capture a chipmunk before they even know it’s there.)

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6-4-20 Thursday — 14 Comments

  1. Cats and boxes are a match made in heaven, aren’t they. I made the mistake of stacking a bunch up on my carport to take to the recycling truck. Before I could get it loaded in the car, it had been claimed by Sophie as her throne and the whole stack is still there, 3 weeks later.

  2. Any advice on fattening kittens up once Mom has closed the milk bar? My current fosters are just…tiny. Mama was just six months or so herself when she gave birth, and she had five kittens which just don’t seem to be as big as they should be. I tried Kitty Glop, and it gave some of them diarrhea. I have them on kitten kibble and IAMS soft food. Babies will be eleven weeks old tomorrow, and I don’t think one has hit two pounds yet.

    • I’ll post this in tomorrow’s post in hopes that other people will chime in, but I would recommend Gerber chicken baby food, goat milk (we buy canned goat milk, but it’s available in the refrigerated section too), Nutri-Cal for kittens (I’m a little hesitant to suggest that because in my experience kittens haaate the taste. But I’ve used it successfully in the past to get kittens perked up and interested in food.) If they’re not on a probiotic, I’d start them on one. (I know you’re probably familiar with all these things, but just in case. Hopefully there’ll be more suggestions out there!) Oh! And I highly recommend Liqui-Tinic or Pet-Tinic drops.

  3. New photos of the Permies on the sidebar or after Alejandro was MIA, do I have a sidebar fixation? I LOVE Mama Bunny…..but I think I wrote that before! Every time I see her I smile!

    • No, those permanent resident pictures are the ones that have been there for at least a couple of years. 🙂

  4. Awwww, the 2015 entry makes me smile! My first view of Linus and Lucy and knowing -right then- that those were my kittens. Linus and Lucy are still with me, happy, healthy, bitey little brats, and I love them both to death.

    In that video, I’m pretty sure that Lucy (now Kira) was yelling about being held, and she still doesn’t like it, although she will sleep on my chest. She opens doors, flushes toilets for entertainment, chases her kitty sisters, fights with her brother, and is a very, very soft kitty to pet. She and her kitty housemate Sheba are my daytime companions while I work from home.

    Linus (now Fizzgig) is a glorious floofy chonk of a cat who I’m almost certain has Maine Coon in him. He is still the first one to vamoose at a knock on the door, but he has started coming to me for love, jumps on every other cat in the house, and is occasionally a turd to everyone. THANK YOU Robyn and Barbara for sending these two my way! I will try to get some pictures to share.