6-3-20 Wednesday

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Cutey’s all “I wasn’t sharpening my claws on your socks, lady. I would NEVER.”

Cutey’s all “What’s she doin’?”
Bugs: “I dunno. Bein’ weird.”

Rough life for a Lola.

Bunny’s all “Yes, she wanted to snuggle. What was I supposed to do?”

Benjamin doesn’t need the cage to continue to appreciate the heated pad and the snuggle kitty.

Lola, Honey and Bugs have discovered that little cat tree, and they have declared it good.

Benjamin’s all “You can’t have that snuggle kitty, she’s mine!” and Clyde would like Benjamin to know that it’s nice to share.

Bunny licked Clyde on the head, earning this look of adoration from him.

Lola and Clyde are pretty sure it’s nap time.

Lola in the llama basket again. (It came from Target, if you’re wanting to add one to your home, though I’m not sure if you can find it anywhere. It’s no longer sold at my local Target, according to the web site. It was a gift and I was skeptical that the kittens would use it, but I’ve been nicely surprised.)

Lola’s keeping an eye on me.


Jake, in the process of demanding that Khal lick his ears (Khal always complies, because he’s a giver.)


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  1. Thank you for getting Alejandro back on the 2020 adoption sidebar list! (For some reason it bothered me that he was missing!)

  2. Where might I find that sweet cuddle kitty? One of mine is a cuddle, the other is relatively independent….the cuddle kitty would help,I think…..Any ideas,please?