6-3-19 Monday

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Now that Mary and Laura, and Willie and Albert have gone home, it is SUPER quiet upstairs. Charles and Caroline are taking it all in stride and have changed their behavior not one iota. Almanzo might be ever-so-slightly more snuggly toward me, but since he was pretty snuggly to start with, it’s hard to tell for sure.

Charles and Caroline will be headed home on Saturday.


YOU GUYS. Look at how much the auction brought in for Forgotten Felines!

$9,581.52 raised in total! That is going to spay and neuter, feed and pay for medical care for SO many cats and kittens, and since (as I’ve mentioned repeatedly) kitten season is absolutely nuts here in Alabama this year, they will absolutely put those funds to good use.

Thank you all SO MUCH for donating items for the auction, for bidding on all the amazing stuff, and for sharing, supporting, and cheering on the auction committee (spearheaded by the amazing Teresa). You are all so wonderful!


Ma and her girls. “It’s a big world out there, girls!”

Pa and his boys. (Left to right: Albert, ALmanzo, Willie.)

That Mary, such a little lady.

Mary, Laura and Willie, snoozing.

Laura, Almanzo and Albert are just the picture of innocence.

If you’ve ever asked me “How long will they nurse?”, I’ve likely said “Until they’re separated.” Here are the boys at the milk bar, Saturday morning. She let them nurse for a minute or two, then got up and walked off.

Saturday afternoon, with his parents sitting RIGHT THERE, Willie went over to the milk bar and started to nurse. He was proving my theory that they’d nurse ’til they were separated!

Albert, Almanzo and Willie.

I wanted to get a family portrait. Here are Willie, Almanzo, Mary and Laura with Charles. But where was… uh.. (thinking)… Oh! Albert is missing. Duh.

Here we go. Left to right: Almanzo, Laura, Mary, Albert and Willie. The tilted heads on Mary and Willie crack me UP.

For the life of me, I could NOT get Charles and Caroline to look at me.

You can see everyone’s face, so I called it good enough.

Caroline gets a quick sniff of Charles’s tail.

Laura’s face, all “Why is the guest bedroom door blocked off?” is cracking me up.


Alice Mo is tired of me.

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6-3-19 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. Great about the auction results!

    The shelf family pictures are so GREAT! Those dear faces… love them all.

    Umm… say, why IS/was the guest bedroom door closed off…?

  2. Congratulations on the results of the auction! That’s great news, and going to a very worthy cause.

    Lol, Mary… Such a lady.

    Yes, why is the guest bedroom blocked off?

    I’m going to miss their sweet little faces, but I’m so happy they have their forever homes all lined up.

  3. This has been one of my many favourite families !!! Especially since it was the complete family !! Chances of that happening again will be pretty slim. Going to miss them but it fabulous that they have their forever homes ! Almanzo’s forever home will be there very soon 🙂

    I bet there are kittens or a Mama to be in the guest room ! Squee !!!

  4. I’ve so enjoyed watching Caroline and Charles raising their family. So sweet! I will miss the daily pictures, but hope we will get updates from each adopting family. These characters have helped take my mind off my shoulder surgery, the recovery from which is going well. And a hat tip to all of you who suggested the best litter, box and scoop to make clean-up ‘lighter’ during my recovery – I stayed with the Dr. Elsey’s Ultra, a non-stick coated litter box and a steel scoop and it has worked well! Thanks! And congratulations on the auction success – I’m looking forward to the next one. And why IS the guest room closed off? Dare I hope…?

    • Let’s see. Kitten season is insane in Alabama + guest room closed off. I can add 2+2, how about you guys?

      Give it up, Robyn 🙂

  5. Wow! What a great fundraiser! Prayers that this helps reduce kitten season in years to come.

    This family…is special. Maybe because it was complete (ma and pa) or because of the fabulous personalities and bond between ma and pa. All I know is that they are forever memorable!

    Thank you for telling their story, fostering and all the wonderful pictures.

  6. My brother and sister-in-law have a great cat, Buddy. My brother lost his job and they have to sell their house and move. Buddy does well with kids and other animals, but Buddy does not do well with stress. He can get destructive, clawing things (but not people) and peeing right outside the box. They have tried various solutions to help him manage his stress and the only method they have found so far that works is just riding it out. This will not go over well in a rented apartment. They hate to have to give him up but they can’t keep him. They haven’t had any luck finding a group in their area that will take him. Any suggestions?