6-3-21 Thursday

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“What doin’, lady?” inquire Pinochle and Rummy.

Sleepy little muffins.

Whist could not be more pleased with herself.

Rummy discovered this window (in the bathroom) all of a sudden and thinks it’s got a good view.

Pinochle, with something to say.

Pinochle and Uno from above.

Slapjack is such a little poser.

Hello, Whist.

Checking out the view.


Uncle Archie’s love of being upstairs (and having access to the kitten food) means that he’ll put up with being around those kittens if he has to.

As long as they don’t get too close.


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6-3-21 Thursday — 4 Comments

  1. I thought Pinochle and Slapjack were boys and the rest were girls, did I miss a thing?

  2. Look at them stretching out to get closer to Uncle Archie! Don’t think he’ll be signing their autograph books anytime soon.