6-22-21 Tuesday

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Do you remember Fizzbin? Of course you do, it hasn’t been that long! But here’s a random baby picture of her, to refresh your memory.

Here she is now!

Michelle says: Ali the old cranky one is finally starting to chill. Fizz played with her tail a little earlier all while dodging any swatting (if it happened) lol. She is unbelievably vocal, now when she closes her mouth the little tongue hangs out. Her fluff suit was so funny! She was making biscuits on my soft pants, cotton tail jumped up on the bed and scared the daylights out of her. She also got her first trash pandas helmet!! New mascot 🤣🤣

I love how HAPPY she is – that picture of her and Cotton Tail looking out the window, oh my LORD how sweet is that! That is one happy girl. (And FYI, the Rocket City Trash Pandas is the local baseball team!)

Thank you, Michelle!


Alice Mo keeps an eye on Earl. She’d be PERFECTLY happy to share a carrier with him on moving day, she’s a giver like that.

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6-22-21 Tuesday — 3 Comments

  1. Love those pics of Fizzy! Especially the window pic with her new sib. Glad to see the happily ever after is real!

  2. That photo of them sitting looking out the window reminds me so much of that scene in Forest Gump when he and his newly found son are watching t.v. Heads tiled and totally engrossed.
    Precious fur babies !!

  3. I love those pictures from Michelle. Especially the little girl curled up with her kitty sleeping.

    I just brought home a little kitten and I wish my other cat were that friendly with her. We’re still doing a lot of hissing and spitting and an old lady does have a dignity.