6-23-21 Wednesday

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Back in 2018, we fostered Ryder and her NINE kittens. That’s right, I said NINE. Luckily for Ryder (and her kittens), Forgotten Felines of Huntsville fosterer/volunteer Steve spotted Ryder when she was moving her kittens. He fostered her for a few weeks, and then when my foster room was empty, they came to me.

One of those kittens was a cutie pie we named Solenoid, and she looked like this.

And this is what she looks like now!

Her name is Grizabella now, and reports are that she’s a bit of a diva who rules the roost with an iron paw. She got a new sister (they adopted Forgotten Felines orange tabby kitten Satine – now Jemima) last weekend and it doesn’t sound like she’s terribly pleased about that. I’m sure she’ll adjust! (They also have orange tabby brother Skimbleshanks.)

(Thanks, Megan!)


Archie is such a pretty boy. I feel like I don’t point that out often enough!


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6-23-21 Wednesday — 3 Comments

  1. I love Megan’s naming theme! I would find myself shortening Grizabella to “Grits”, which would be a totally awesome name on it’s own as I love grits!!
    She has grown up beautifully!

    I love these updates (Another fan fave we need to see is Norbie, it’s been a while. Pleeeeease?)

  2. Oh, Grizabella brought such a big smile to my face! I remember her as a baby kitten, and she’s still a doll.

    Love me some Archie.

  3. In case no one has chimed in, saw Khal, adore that cat, and love the pics you’ve been posting of him. You’re right, his magnificence does shine through!