6-16-21 Wednesday

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A little less than a year ago, we fostered the Mewsketeers, a litter of cobbled-together kittens (this is the litter that included (now) permanent resident Charlie, whose foster name was Aramis!)

Included in this bunch were a couple of kittens who were a bit younger than the rest, a brother and sister who had been (I think) left behind by a feral mother.

Brother Rochefort, left, and sister Constance.

They were adopted together (we love when that happens, don’t we?), Constance is now Oleander (Ollie!) and Rochefort is now Rhus – and today’s their birthday! They’re 1! And Cat sent us an update!

oleander and rhus continue to be wonderful muffins. both LOVE our brown couch. the ugly mushy thing is their fave. and they spend alot of time cuddled on it. they both sleep with me. though ollie eventualy moves down tword my feet most nights. and in the morning likes to give my toes a chomperoo.

rhus has some hobbys that include gingleball rolling, bughunting, and steeling treats.

ollielolly squeeks at the birds, is an avid player of what we call lollyball, and is VERY prompt in letting us know when it is dinnertime.

we love them bunches and they light up our world daily.

And would you look at this sweetness? Their birthday presents!

How cute is that!

Cat has a wonderful Facebook page for Ollie and Rhus, and you can see it right here!

(Thanks, Cat!!)


You’re darn tootin’ I snuck up on Dewey to take this picture. He didn’t even hear me!


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6-16-21 Wednesday — 4 Comments

  1. The updates this week have been perfect! I love seeing how happy they are (sweet birthday haul…)

  2. Loving the updates on former fosters too. I swear you raise the cutest, sweetest kitties…and they all seem to grow into very large adult cats as well! That is what lotsa love and good nutrition will give any little kitten (even the undernourished/scrappy ones!)

    Big thanks to the families sharing updates too!