5-28-21 Friday

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For those of you not on Instagram, here are a few shots of Canasta, and one of her sister Oli.

Things are going well, Canasta has REALLY made herself at home (a visit from Jimmy’s friends last week led to her spending a few hours getting a lot of attention and she was in her GLORY) and she and Oli are coexisting. She’s such a confident girl that I had no doubt she’d be comfortable fast – and I’m very glad to be right!

If you are on Instagram and missed that Canasta is too, you can see her here.


There was a bug flittering around outside the window and it certainly caught Uno’s attention.

Slapjack’s having a think.

Whist is all “Watchin’ you, lady.”

Fizzbin says “Yes?”

“I’m Da BAYbee, and this is my ham-mick!”

“You got that?”

Taking a snooze in the Toastycat bed.

And on the back of the couch.

She woke up, stretched, and slid down the couch, landed like this, and then just stayed there.

All six kittens! Left to right: Slapjack (melting off the couch), Uno, Fizzbin, Rummy, Whist and Pinochle.

Rummy’s face is killing me in this picture.

These kittens are 13 weeks old today, and I know I say it every week, but it’s true: it goes so FAST!


Newt’s all “Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”


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5-28-21 Friday — 2 Comments

  1. That waking-stretching-sliding-landing on the couch picture is so funny!! And of course Grandma B. there on the pillow helps the effect. Hee!

    Hi, Newtles.

  2. That picture where Rummy’s all “CHEESE!!” is also pretty funny for the kitty sibling next to Rummy who’s all “dude…dial it back a notch…” as he/she has a paw up against her.