5-27-21 Thursday

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Fizzbin needs a kiss.

“Wahhhh!” said Slapjack.

“Wahhhh!” answered Fizzbin.

And “Wahhhh!” retorted Slapjack.

Pinochle and the blep.

Slapjack’s all “You didn’t need this pillow, did you, lady?”

Oh, that Fizzbin. She is just the SWEETEST.

“What doin’, lady?” Slapjack inquires.

“LADY!” said Whist. “We needs KISSES, stop taking PICTURES of us!”

I love this shot of Rummy.

I assure you, all 6 kittens are in this shot. If you look closely, you can see Fizzbin’s nose sticking up from the middle of the pile.

“I sees you, lady,” says Pinochle.


Honorary Cardshark Uncle Charlie strikes a pose.


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5-27-21 Thursday — 3 Comments

  1. How sweet that Charlie has a heart squarely between his ears! Love that boy!

  2. That’s a cute pic of Rummy… she looks just like my Jello when he was a baby!