4-30-20 Thursday

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Back in 2016, we fostered a litter of kittens we called the Evergreens, including this little muffin.

Juniper (she’s now Branwen) was adopted in October of that year, joining big brother Drum (our Magnolia foster from 2010 & 2011). Today she turns 4 years old, and get a look at what this beautiful girl looks like now!

Branwen turns 4! It is hard to believe. She is adorable!

Still excels at snoopervising! And she loves her TurboTrack (do not have a good
picture of that).

Happy birthday Branwen – and thank you so much, Tamra!


In case you missed it on social media yesterday, Isabella has an adoption pending and will be going home today or tomorrow (most likely tomorrow.) She will be an only cat (Forgotten Felines’ kitten policy doesn’t apply to adults, and I have gotten the distinct impression that Isabella would likely be happiest as an only cat) and will be very much adored and spoiled, I suspect.

I was taking her picture and she could see out the window behind me; the neighbor was moving around, and Isabella found it QUITE interesting.

Oh, that girl and her sweet, sweet profile.


Carmelita in the sun, lookin’ pretty.

I’m pretty sure Javier was eyeballing the ceiling fan pull.

Javier in the sun. He’s so long and sleek!

And Javier in the sun showing that he’s got zero blue left in his eyes.

Pablo’s eyes. So pretty, so loony.

I can’t get over how much Carmelita looks like her mama.

I feel like Pablo’s scheming.

Diego also looks strikingly like his mama.

Another look at Pablo’s eyes.

Alejandro has a thlurrrp in honor of Thlurrrpsday.


Jake shows off his loons.


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4-30-20 Thursday — 8 Comments

  1. YAY for Isabella!!! So the kittens will be slam-weaned, not the first time that’s happened, I’m sure! I have such a soft spot for black cats! I’ve been very happy watching this litter, thanks to you and Fred for what you do! 🙂

  2. That’s great news re. Isabella! She deserves to be loved and spoiled and happy, which I’m sure she will be.

  3. Happy Birthday Branwen! And yay for Isabella getting adopted. My first cat was a little black cat (she didn’t get much bigger than 6 pounds) and I heard that black cats are one of the slowest to get adopted so I always worry they won’t get adopted.

  4. Oh Branwen, she’s so pretty. So love fostervuodates.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Isabella.

  5. What splendid news! YAY Isabella!!!
    Branwen… I’m speachless, how beautiful she is!
    Lovely pictures, as always 🙂
    Robyn, thank you so much for this blog, This is such a good place to go in the times of madness!