4-1-19 Monday

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It’s a Flookdate!

Flynn (formerly Kohle) and Hook (formerly Puff) were our fosters at different times (Flynn in late 2012, Hook in 2013). Selena adopted Kohle and then adopted Hook nearly 9 months later, and they immediately became BFFs.

Here they are now:

Hook’s face is cracking me UP.



Selena says: Here are my weirdos doing what they do best – judging me and being weird. Flynn will be 7 next week and Hook will be 6 on May 1! Where did the time go??

Honestly, I am blown away that they could possibly be (nearly) 6 and 7. It doesn’t seem possible!

Don’t you love seeing those sweet faces? (Thanks, Selena!)


In case you missed it on the Facebook Forgotten Felines of Huntsville Auction page over the weekend, we gave a sneak peek at an item that will be part of the auction.

(No, not the kitten.)

Caroline had to come see what was going on.

The online auction will be taking place May 11th – 18th, and there is going to be some AMAZING stuff. Go follow the page so you don’t miss out on the sneak peeks leading up to the auction!


This bag gets Charles’s approval. (Those bags always get comments from the cashiers and baggers when I go grocery shopping. They’re great because they fold up, but they have a rigid bottom and sides, and they stand up while you’re filling them. I got mine from Amazon – here’s an affiliate link – but have seen them at Walmart, too.)

Pile o’ cute.

She was purring and air-kneading while the kittens were nursing, and she was so darn cute I had to kiss her.

Almanzo has a think.

Caroline is such a sweet girl.

Nap time!

Family portrait, kinda. (You can’t see all the kittens’ faces, but I swear they’re there!)

We have reached the point where all I have to do is put Mary, Almanzo and Willie in front of a plate of canned food, and they’ll start eating. Albert still prefers to drink from the saucer of formula, and Laura drinks from the bottle, though she doesn’t drink much. I expect that by this time next week they’ll all be eating canned food and nursing, and I can stop making bottles in the morning and evening. They grow up so fast!


Frankie is not scared of no ding dang dog.

(Which isn’t to say that he wants to be FRIENDS or anything, he’s just not scared.)


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4-1-19 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. That photo of the kitten in the mug with Caroline where both are looking the same way…..
    Future calendar photo! Or an ad for Forgotten Felines!

  2. Love these Flookdates. Life is hard for those two, obviously! Those judgemental looks say it all.

    Is Charles now free ranging downstairs?

    • No, that’s in Fred’s office (there’s a couch in there now, and Charles is proving to be a couch potato!)

  3. I live by the reusable grocery boxes like that. If you’re on the east coast, Giant offers those too, and they offer an insulated version. I have a bunch and use them for groceries and anything else required. (They’ll also serve as a cooler in a pinch, they’re equipped for it.)

  4. Love your doggie visitor – my first pet of my own looked just the same, except he was a Dachshund/Poodle mix, so he was a bit taller and somewhat curly. I got him when I was 4 and he went over the rainbow when I was 21. Best dog ever – and he loved cats and snuggled with them.

  5. I love Flookdates! And I can’t believe it’s been that long… They look so happy and content.

    Robyn: (No, not the kitten.)
    Me: DAMMIT!

    I have to mention that I also dog-sat this weekend – a little mixed-breed, very sweet, belonging to my best friend’s Mom – and my Malcolm was very well behaved. Shadow did sniff his butt once, and Malcolm hissed and was all “Good Sir! I never!”. Other than that little bit of drama, it went well.