4-2-19 Tuesday

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I had completely forgotten that 4 years ago yesterday, our April Fools’ babies were born ’til John reminded me that it was Gir Shecky’s birthday!

Can you believe it?!? It was four years ago, today, that Lucy gave birth to seven truly adorable kittens!! One of which would end up bringing countless smiles, snuggles, laughs and love to our life! He is our little booger and I could not imagine life without him! Happy Birthday Gir Shecky!!!!

But wait! There’s more! Take a look at what Mama Lucy (now Gilly) looks like now!

“My warm vent. Not sharing!”

She loves her puddle of sunshine! (This makes me think of how I’d check on her when she was HUGELY pregnant, and she’d just be lying there, lolling, sleeping happily, in no hurry to give birth, and I’d be like “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME.” She took her sweet time, that girl.)

Such a pretty girl!

I love seeing former fosters so darn loved and happy, don’t you?

(Thanks, John and Pam!)


Willie in the Tiny Basket.

Willie finds Mary amusing. I wish that girl could figure out how to relax.

Sweet boy.

Albert likes to sit around looking sleepily skeptical.

Albert showing off his teef.

Laura has a stretch.

Plotting. (When kittens stand on their back feet, it kills me dead.)

Laura in the giant Croc shoe, biting on a toy. As you do.

Laura (I think) is coming through.

We’ve got 4 out of 5 eating canned food: Willie (red collar), Mary (blue), Laura (no collar) and Almanzo (green.) Albert’s the lone holdout (he prefers to lap formula out of a bowl), but we’re in no hurry.

We’re now officially done with bottles, which I kind of miss, but the kittens have better things to do now, I guess. Hmph.


The Magnificent Khal.


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4-2-19 Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. I love the updates! Look at those sweet faces, it seems like just yesterday you were introducing us to Lucy.

    You know what’s even cuter than kittens standing on their back feet? Kittens standing on their back feet, with their little pot bellies protruding.

    • Thanks for remembering the Fool’s Day, John and Robyn! Gilly/Lucy is definitely loved and spoiled. My sister-in-law, who is no slouch herself at spoiling her pets, declared that Gilly is the most spoiled cat she had ever seen. (Why not!?)

  2. Remember when all FIVE of them could fit in the tiny basket? Now it looks like maybe one and a HALF of them could fit in it. They grow up so FAST!!!

  3. The Fools – such a fun family! Thanks John and Pam for the updates!

    That picture of The Magnificent Khalreminds me of those “Can you find…” photos that ran in My Weekly Reader. Can you find a head-and-shoulders profile? Can you find a second ‘cat’ in the photo?