3-31-23 Friday

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Zelda’s front paws reminded me of this commercial from several years ago.

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Ha – I remember that commercial! (And I agree!)


Don’t kittens sometimes choose a nipple as a favorite and always nurse from it? Are the Catsbys still working that out? Also, Daisy in bunny pose is just adorable!

They do scent-mark a certain nipple shortly after they’re born and gravitate to it, but I think it’s more a “this is my favorite nipple” rather than “this is the nipple I must nurse from OR I WILL NOT NURSE!” Some kittens are more insistent on using “their” nipple, but the Catsbys seem to be pretty chill (maybe because there are only 4 of them, so there are twice as many nipples as kittens. Or maybe because they’re just a pretty laid-back bunch, all in all.)


Jay with his bright eyes on me (while using Nick as a pillow), Zelda doing the ol’ stretcheroo, and a little bit of Myrtle over there to the left.

Daisy takes a bath break.

Myrtle’s all “Have you seen my mama?”

Jay’s been pottied, did a little nursing, and now he’s feelin’ good. I love it when kittens roll around on their backs and kick their little legs in the air.

Jay on the left, Zelda in the center, and Myrtle on the right. You can see a little bit of International Man of Mystery Nick sticking out from behind Myrtle’s head.

Daisy’s come to check on things and give baths.

This picture is the kittens in a nutshell: Jay’s busy nursing, Zelda’s nursing and pushing Myrtle away, Myrtle’s looking amused, and Nick is off to act as Daisy’s pillow.

Zelda’s all “This is a private function, lady. We needs no pawparazzi here.”

The painting, I am pleased to announce, is nearly done. The walls have been painted (the closet where we put the litter boxes needed two coats of paint, UGH), the trim is done, Fred is going to do the caulking, I am finishing up painting the cabinet under the window (the cabinet where Mimosa had her kittens last year!), we need to hang the new mirror and light over the sink, and then I can start putting the room back together. I won’t hang anything on the walls yet because I use Command strips to hang a most stuff, and they recommend you let new paint cure for a week before applying the strips, so I’ll do that next weekend.

Have I mentioned that I hate painting? I surely, surely do. But the room looks much improved (to my eye, at least. Fred says it looks the same to him. Hmph.)


Charlie on the deck, pretending he doesn’t see Trixie on the ground, on the other side of the fence.


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It’s Thlurrrpsday, so please admire Daisy’s thlurrrping skills. I hope her kittens are this talented!

Nick (front) and Myrtle (back) are keeping an eye on me, while Jay’s tail and foot and butt do a photobomb.

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At the milk bar, Myrtle’s got wiggly ears. (I don’t know for sure who’s yelling at the beginning of the video, but if I had to guess, I’d guess Myrtle.)

If that’s not a pile o’ cute, I don’t know what is. (Lower left: Jay, trying to do situps. Nick, in the middle, just trying to sleep. Upper left: Zelda, also trying to sleep. And upper right, Myrtle keeping an eye on me.)

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While Zelda, Nick and Myrtle are at the milk bar, Jay’s rolling around on his back feelin’ good. He ultimately ends up at the milk bar too, but first has to stop for a mama hug. Awww.

Jay was licking his paw (awwww!) and then forgot to put his tongue back into storage. (I might have poked the end of his tongue so he’d remember to put it away, and he thlurrrped it back into his mouth.)

Good night innernets. (Myrtle)(The rest of the kittens were literally 6 inches away, wrestling with each other, and Myrtle was ready to sleep.)


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  1. That photo of Trixie on the other side of the fence made me wonder, do the not-your-cats ever get in the yard or do they only come to the front porch and then inside? I hadn’t thought to wonder if the cat fence was as hard to get into as to get out of. Thanks.

    • I was going to ask nearly the same thing, for the same reason (photo inspiration of Trixie)! I wasn’t smart enough to think of them coming to the front instead.

      Anyway, I’m interested in the answer too.

  2. Congrats on the painting situation! (How DARE Fred not heartily applaud the results of this arduous labor and tell you that is is undoubtedly the best painting job he has ever seen?!)

    Also, I sure do love The Crate Catsbys! The peering over the crate phase – so cute.

  3. I always have to announce to my husband when I’ve cleaned the bathroom, kitchen etc because left to his own devices he wouldn’t notice either ;D (but he is good about giving me credit once I point it out to him, lol)

  4. I have lost count on the times I have watched the video “Cats with Thumbs”. Thank you for all the pleasure it has given me !!!