3-31-21 Wednesday

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She is such a pretty girl.

Whist is all “YAWWWWWWWN” and Slapjack’s all “KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE!”

Sleepy Whist.

Whist is laughing at her own joke.

Uno wonders “Is… is someone smelling my foot?”

At this point, even 3 at the milk bar is a bit of a crowd.

Rummy was born looking like she’s Seen Some Things.

Whist is coming through!

Slapjack would like you to admire his paw.

Rummy has a sleepy.

Uno is always the first one to climb into my lap, even when she’s sleepy.


Newt has a think.


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3-31-21 Wednesday — 5 Comments

  1. Wait, they’re already climbing into your lap?!? That must be the best thing ever…

  2. Those are some very nice toes you have there, Whist.

    Today’s batch of photos is so full of cute I can hardly stand it. I swear they get more adorable every day.