3-14-22 Monday

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Bramble, hissing at me in his sleep.

A pile o’ cute. (And Clover’s on top for once!)

Mondo’s all “Watchin’ you, lady.”

Bramble is too!

Good lord, that blissful little face.

Mama takes a break.

Mondo’s hissing, and Clover’s all “Shhhhhh…”

Kudzu is taking his sweet time getting those eyeballs open.

Hollyhock’s eye was a bit crusty and goopy. So I pulled her out of the pile, cleaned her eye and put some ointment in it, and it cleared right up.

She wasn’t crazy about the experience, but she didn’t yell too much.

Mimosa and her little look-alike, Bramble.


Alice and Newt really like those cubes (there are heated mats in there, and we had a very cold weekend!)

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Bramble fell asleep with his paw on his cheek, and seriously. Have you seen anything cuter?

Mimosa told me to babysit while she sat on the top of the cat tree and had some relaxation time. Pretty easy job, honestly – they slept the entire time. (I may have seen some eyeballs on Kudzu and Clover this morning, but am not entirely sure. I’ll post an eyeball report this evening after I weigh them!)

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Mimosa will occasionally wake up the babies for pottying or just general bathing, and I absolutely adore when they wake up and yell at her. “Mooo-ooom, I was SLEEPIN’!”

Eyeball check! Kudzu’s eyes are slowly creaking open, Mondo, Bramble and Hollyhock’s eyes are mostly open, and Clover’s right eye is just baaarely peeking through.⁠

(I won’t be surprised if both of Clover’s eyes are open tomorrow morning. I also won’t be surprised if they’re not. Clover is still hanging on to his umbilical cord. There’s no redness, swelling, or anything concerning around where the cord is attached. He’s just not ready to let it go, and when he is he will. Though most kittens lose their umbilical cords around day 4, I’ve had kittens hang on to theirs until 2 weeks or longer with no problems. How boring would it be if all kittens did things when they were supposed to instead of when they wanted to? I guess Clover just likes to hear me sing “Let it Go” to him; I would have guessed he’d have shed the umbilical cord out of self-preservation after he realized he’d have to hear my singing voice regularly.)

Good night innernets. (Left to right: Hollyhock (not in the middle for once!), Mondo, Kudzu (bottom), Bramble (acting as Kudzu’s pillow), and Clover (with his head under Mondo’s behind.)

It’s a cold and snowy morning here in North Alabama, and Clover has no desire to show off his eyeballs. He’s going to snooze the day away, thank you very much.

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We are reaching the stage where they’re clearly starting to hear things; Bramble and Kudzu were reacting to my voice (or possibly my voice + the smell of my lotion; they are hissier in the morning, likely because I rarely use the same lotion two days in a row.)

Mimosa jumped up to look out the window at the snow (okay, maybe it was the birds in the snow that really caught her attention) and one of the kittens squeaked, so she looked down to see what was going on.

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The milk bar is becoming more and more crowded as the kittens grow and grow and grow. They grow so fast!

Good night innernets. (Mondo will sleep like an angel on his Clover bed.)

Eyeball check! Kudzu and Clover are still just not quite sure they want to open those eyes (they’re opening, just slowly.) Mondo, Bramble and Hollyhock might be a little skeptical still, but their eyes are open and in great shape (I did have to put a little ointment in Hollyhock’s eyes yesterday, but they cleared right up).

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Little hissers Mondo and Bramble are still at it. The rest of them were sleeping (though I’m pretty sure little calico Hollyhock was hissing in her sleep.)

Kitten pie? My favorite!

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Mimosa & the Sprouts: At the milk bar

Bath time for Bramble.

Good night innernets.


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3-14-22 Monday — 11 Comments

  1. Is the rule the nicer the mom the hissier the babies? I don’t remember kittens being sooo sooo hissy at this age. The pic of hissing in their sleep pretty much threw me over the edge…hope they won’t be so grumpy as adults!

    Maybe they’re getting it out of their system now rather than later. 🙂

    • This is pretty normal – Canasta’s kittens were a few days older at this point last year, and I think I still got the occasional hiss. They grew up pretty friendly. 🙂

  2. Would it be possible to post a comparison of pie plate pics for this litter? I think it would be awesome to see the size changes side-by-side.

  3. Kudzu may be a late bloomer, but it looks like he’s going to be a big one when he’s done growing.

  4. Do eyeballs open this quickly?!?! You’ve only fostered oh, what? 540 newborn litters by now? Give or take, heh. You’d think I’d know by now.

    • Yeah, they generally start opening between 7 and 10 days – some open even sooner (I think I had one open his eyes at 4 days), and some later.

  5. It’s very amusing to go back a year and see that Canasta’s Card Sharks are at almost exactly the same stage as these little sprouts!

  6. Mondo, Day 11: Of course I haz eyes. MONDO eyes, actually. And I is looking nobly into the distance. You gots a problem with that?