3-15-22 Tuesday

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Mimosa came over to examine the Kitten Pie.

Then she heard the call of her plate of canned food, and decided the kittens were fine where they were.

I put the kittens back in the cabinet (after I weighed them), and Hollyhock, Clover and Mondo lined up to look at me (that’s Kudzu’s foot sticking out.) Bramble promptly went into the corner and got “lost.”

Kudzu came too close to the edge of the cabinet, so I put my hand up to block him, and he rested his little chin on my hand. Awwww.

Hollyhock decided that Clover made a fine pillow.

Kudzu sure does seem to be a social little guy.

Clover decided it was time to open his eyes… but he didn’t LIKE it.

Bramble and Hollyhock have a cuddle.

Mondo’s little face kills me.

Bramble considers his next move.


We’re replacing those mini-blinds with cellular shades in a couple of weeks, and imagine how thrilled Archie will be when he can watch the birds without blinds in the way? He’s gonna be one happy boy, for sure.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Mimosa’s FACE. “Sigh. I guess it’s breakfast time for the kids.”

It’s Pi Day, and here’s some Kitten Pie to celebrate.

YouTube link
Mimosa came back to the nest to find the kittens scattered all over the place – Kudzu on the blanket in the corner, Bramble “lost” in the corner – and tried to gather them all back up. Kudzu was pretty sure the blanket was the place to be, though.

Kudzu’s defiant little face. “What? My MAMA said I could explore the nest if I want to! I’m not misbehaving!”

YouTube link
Your Daily Milk Bar. There seems to be more playing at the milk bar than actual nursing in this video (except for Hollyhock, who is clearly worn out.)

Final eyeball check! The kittens are 12 days old and everyone’s eyes are wide open! They can’t actually focus all that well just yet, but give them a little time. Next thing: ears! Ears are opening and should be completely open in another week.

Good night innernets. ❤️


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  1. The one picture of Mimosa sitting up and nursing her babies reminded me of Canasta doing that very thing quite often!