3-16-22 Wednesday

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Mondo shows off his gorgeous blue eyes (and his beautiful stripes and that lovely sharp “M” on his forehead.)

Bramble, lookin’ skeptical.

Kudzu is havin’ a think.

I picked up Clover to weigh him and he closed his eyes and wouldn’t open them for anything. MEAN.

Mimosa’s like “I gotta pin Kudzu down to stop him from moving all over the place.”

Listen. When they use their tiny little legs as pillows, I die. (Clover)

Well, that’s quite the little pile of cute.

Hollyhock’s all “You again, lady?”

Mimosa and the Sprouts went on a short field trip yesterday. Someone was supposed to come and work on the house, and we were having them start in the kitten room. So we put Mimosa and the kittens in this crate and carried them down into Fred’s bathroom. I’ve been worrying about this for about a week – I hate the idea of Mimosa being stressed – but as it turned out she was perfectly fine. And the guy who was going to do the work never showed up (grrr), so they were only in the bathroom for a couple of hours. When I took them back to the kitten room, I put the kittens back into the cabinet, and they woke up, looked around, and went right back to sleep.

I did see Mimosa checking out the crate a few times once they returned to the kitten room. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if she decided to move them from the cabinet to the crate. It’s a comfy crate!

Also, today the Sprouts are 2 weeks old! In the next week they’ll start to toddle, they’ll gain some control of their eyes (focusing and looking at what they mean to look at) their ears will open fully, and they may even leave the nest (if they can figure out how.)


Khal the Magnificent. (Have I ever mentioned that Khal’s nickname is “Floomp”? I’m sure I have. These days we only call him “Khal” when we’re making a vet appointment for him.)


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Those are yawns from Bramble and Kudzu, not hisses. I mean, it’s early still – I guess there’s no reason for them to be awake yet, right?

Look at brave former foster Phoenix (from the foster litter Mercury & her Missions back in 2017). She ain’t scared of the Roomba at all (and I told Debra that I fully expect a future picture of Phoenix riding the Roomba around!) (Thanks, Debra!)

YouTube link
Hollyhock hisses halfheartedly. I mean, put some feeling behind it, girl! (In her defense, she was sleepy and some of the other kittens were hissing, you just can’t see their faces.)

Hollyhock and Clover have a snuggle, while Mondo ponders his paws.

YouTube link
The kittens are feelin’ gooood. I love it when they get to the stage where they roll around and try to tussle (and sometimes they’re pretty successful at it!) So freakin’ CUTE.

Look at the attentive faces on Mondo and Bramble! (And Hollyhock’s using her paw as a pillow, which just kills me.) I don’t remember what the boys were looking at, but it certainly had their attention.

Good night innernets. (Mimosa and – left to right – Bramble, Kudzu, Hollyhock, Mondo and Clover.)


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3-16-22 Wednesday — 2 Comments

  1. Clover’s eyes are closed at weigh-in because he’s very disappointed that he only tied for second place with Mondo instead of capturing the first place prize. Poor baby. He’s so ashamed.
    ps. Love Mondo’s steady gaze. The others should catch-up within a week.

  2. I still remember Khal as FancyPants. I finally have seen GOT and now, I see the Khal Drogo reference.