3-14-19 Thursday

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Progress pictures of the kittens! Here they are the day they were born, and at 1,2,3, and 4 weeks old. (Yeah, they’re really small and hard to see each picture. I didn’t think this collage idea through, did I? But you can click on each picture to see the larger versions over at Flickr.)






I actually got a shot of all 5 kittens nursing at the same time! You can only see 3 kitten heads, but I swear they’re all there.

“Your bottles are okay, lady, but nothin’ beats Mama’s milk bar!”

Willie in the sun. OH those whiskers, OH those stripes!


(Checking for sympathy.)

Lining up for the milk bar again.

Willie (bottom) and Albert. I don’t know how they got up there, but they did – and they got down by themselves, too! These kittens are growing up too darn fast.

Caroline’s all “That’s my boy!”

It’s funny how, pretty much overnight, the kittens decided that using the litter box is what they want to do. Monday when I put each of them into the litter box they’d look very sad and look around before climbing out. By yesterday, they were all climbing in on their own, peeing, and then climbing back out because OBVIOUSLY, lady, that’s what you’re supposed to do! The switch flipped in their little heads, and while I know there’ll be the occasional accident still, they’re at least getting the idea. (Late breaking update: a certain pink-eared boy (Willie) HAS POOPED IN THE LITTER BOX. Clearly a genius.)(Okay, so he also stepped in it and dragged it out of the litter box too, so maybe a little uncoordinated. But he’s 4 weeks and 1 day old, so I’m not complaining.)

All three boys are now at or over 1 pound, and the girls are a bit smaller. (You can see their weight chart at the bottom of their page, here.) I’m still supplement-feeding them 3 times a day, though they’re less interested than they were. I’ve seen a couple of kittens sniffing at the food and water. Our babies are growing up!


That’s the same box Khal was in, in yesterday’s post. While the box (mostly) contains Khal’s floof, it doesn’t quite so easily contain Newt’s bulk. But he doesn’t mind, he loves sleeping there anyway.


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3-14-19 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. I hope you have the kitten fixative spray ready to keep them at this MOST ADORABLE AGE forever!!!

  2. I have had cats all my life, but cannot remember at what age do they sit with folded paws. I think that is one of the most adorable of cat poses. Sometime the pose is sitting on their chests with paws folded and maybe with heads butted up against something, or lying on the side with paws folded looking so very regal. Any observations??

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of these sweet little ones. We can tell Mama’s milk bar is the best around. We love that tongue photo so much. Have a great day and can’t wait to see how big they get in a couple of more weeks.

  4. Almanzo sure is a chatty Cathy, isn’t he?! Lol, the injustice of it all, no bottle for the Little Prince. These babies are so freakin’ cute… Mary slays me.

    I agree, pooping in the box at 4 weeks? Clearly Ma and Pa have been sending them to a Montessori preschool.