3-13-19 Wednesday

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The kittens are 4 weeks old today! I’ll get progress pictures of them today and post them in tomorrow’s post. They’re growing in leaps and bounds – it was just a week ago that they were slowly leaving the crate – now they go in and out all the time, have explored most of the foster room, and though they’re not really interested in solid food yet, I expect that by this time next week they’ll be eating on their own (along with nursing). They’re so fun at this age (okay, yeah, I say that about all ages!)

“Psst! I understand you’re the one I need to see if I want a bottle.” (Almanzo)

Mary’s little head tilt kills me dead. (Everyone else was out playing, and she thought it should be nap time.)

Willie (left) and Albert at the milk bar.

Willie, out cold.

When that boy is out, he’s OUT.

Two kittens, going to see what Pa is up to.

Getting some attitude from the kittens. Left to right: Willie, Mary, Albert, Laura. (Almanzo was on the other side of the room sleeping, I think.)

Albert at the milk bar alone, just like he likes it.

There’s this strip of bare floor between the side of the bed and the wall, and that seems to be one of Caroline’s favorite places to hang out. Here, Mary had just finished nursing and was settling down for a nap.

“Mama Mama Mama, gimme HUGS!” (Laura)

I love how her face is in focus, and her body and legs are blurred because she was wiggling around.

Willie discovered the Tiny Basket and claimed it as his own.

They’re finally interested in the litter box on their own! Almanzo climbed in, peed, and climbed back out early yesterday. Charles likes to snoopervise.


Kind of amazing that that box can (almost) contain all that floof, isn’t it?


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3-13-19 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. Is that milk on little Willie’s chin??
    It is sooooo good when they get the whole litter box thing!
    Khal….hello there, handsome.

  2. Laura’s little jazz paws are just too cute!

    How much does Charles weigh? He looks SO BIG!

  3. How is it that with each passing day, these little muffins get cuter and cuter?! And hey, when did those ears spring up?!

    I love watching the interactions with Pa.

    *kiss kiss kiss* to the Khal Man.

  4. Almanzo, if you want a bottle, put your tongue back in your mouth. (Although it’s cute as anything right where it is.)